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Bukowski: Fields or Love? The answer is Fields

Bears troll Peter Bukowski joins the Bears Banter Podcast

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

It’s Packers week, so why not do something a little different and talk to Green Bay Packers reporter Peter Bukowski who also happens to be the top Bears troll on Twitter?

The Chicago Bears are out of it (and so are the Packers) but this rivalry always makes these teams go all out for this game. Both Aaron Rodgers and Justin Fields are banged up but both appear to be set to play on Sunday.

This game feels different because of the transition that both these teams are in. The Bears have a new regime and appear set to start building around their franchise quarterback. The Packers franchise quarterback appears on his way out (if not this year, quite soon) and his replacement in waiting is still a question mark.

We talk to Peter about why the Packers have struggled this year, what the future holds for Aaron Rodgers, and we ask him the question every Bears fan wants to hear, does he think the future is brighter for Justin Fields or Jordan Love?

“I don’t like this question at all, Bill,” Bukowski started. “If you would have asked me this question six weeks ago I would have said Jordan Love pretty easily... And now, I think the answer is Justin Fields.”

Peter qualified it and said he “has the right to change his mind” but he said it pretty clearly. He also had some very interesting comments about the future of Aaron Rodgers and the direction he thinks the Green Bay Packers should go at the quarterback position but you’ll have to check out the loaded podcast below to find out!

Check out the full Podcast here:

And here’s a sneak peek sample of Peter admitting he’d rather have Fields!