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5 Questions with Pride of Detroit: a promising litter of Lions rookies central to success

We chat with Pride of Detroit’s Mike Payton to get some insight into the friendliest of our division rivals

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Jets
This sixth round pick might just ending terrorizing Justin Fields for years.

It’s been six weeks since the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions last faced off. In that time, the spunky kitties have won four games while the Bears have won zero. Add that to the fact that this game is in Detroit and the Lions technically won the previous matchup, and I think those historic losers may actually have a decent chance in this game.

Pride of Detroit’s Mike Payton helps us out this week with out 5 Questions.

1. Lions season started a little slow but you’re about .500 now with a chance to make the playoffs. How are Lions fans feeling about how this season has gone relative to expectations?

Most expected the Lions to be better than they were last season, but a chance to make the playoffs in year two of the rebuild wasn’t really on anyone’s radar. It’s been a pretty wild road for a team that was supposed to win around eight games at best. That could still happen by the way. Even if it does, Lions fans should be pretty happy about the progress their very young team has shown.

2. The Lions run defense has been pretty leaky this season, with the major exception being the Vikings. Was there anything about the Lions defense that game that they could replicate to help stop the Bears on the ground? Or were the Vikings just too excited to funnel the football through the best QB in the NFC North?

I think the big key is that the Lions got out to an early lead and the Vikings were chased away from their run game. The Lions have struggled to stop players that use their feet. Wait, that sounds weird. You know what I mean, They struggle with the run. Especially when it comes to the running quarterback. Justin Fields gave this team all kinds of trouble the last time they faced and he’ll probably do it again on Sunday.

3. Which young Lions have come to play a bigger role for this team this season than expected? Who are you newly excited for as the Lions continue to build?

Pretty much all of them. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Aidan Hutchinson and James Houston are numbers one and two in sacks among rookies currently. Then there’s Malcolm Rodriguez who went from a sixth round pick to a legit starting linebacker and third round pick Kerby Jospeh has shown that he can be a turnover machine by forcing six turnovers this season. The Lions draft class has worked out really well this season.

4. The Bears defense has played better than expected against the Bills and Eagles the last two weeks, what’s their key to stopping the Lions high flying attack?

They’ve got to get pressure on Jarred Goff and be the next team to stop the Lions run game. If both of those things happen, and I’m guaranteeing the run game thing will, then the Lions are going to be trouble on offense. The Bears also have to find a way to make sure Amon-Ra St. Brown can’t get the ball. That one is easier said than done.

5. The Lions are favored by 6 points in this game, according to DraftKings Sportsbook. Do you think they cover that spread?

I think they’re favored by too much. The Bears had a shot to win this game in the first go around and wound up losing by just one point. I think that while the Bears defense has struggled, their offense (Justin Fields) should be able to keep them in this game and even give them a shot to win.

I can’t argue with the point that Justin Fields gives the Bears a chance to win. Seems like we got a smart Lions fan for this one.

If you want to put some money on Fields ability to make it close, as always our friends over at DraftKings Sportsbook have you covered for this game and all the week’s NFL action.