Ridiculous yet Entertaining Mock Draft

While watching the MNF game last night, I ran my first mock draft on PFN because it has the current draft slots and with the Bears currently sitting at #2, I figured it would be a fun exercise. The results definitely seemed unrealistic, but the first three things made it really fun.

For starters, I don’t scout players and outside of the little I know about top 15 guys or so guys, so this mock could be an F or an A. I really wanted to see what we could get from a trade down if it was made because I don’t want any player at 2, I’d rather trade down to a range to draft a weapon for JF. To me, the more at-bats in the draft, the higher likelihood of hits. Simple math.

Here goes, the first three options presented, that I took because I easily would were 3 trade downs.

#1 Bryce Young - Houston

#2 to Seattle for #3, #20, #35 & ’24 2nd. Pretty ridiculous being that it would be an overpay by a value margin of the 8th overall pick. That’s not even taking into account the future 2nd! They drafted Anderson!

PFN may need to work on the draft value chart…lol

#3 to the Lions for #4, 45, #177. Very slight overpay but only by 70 or so draft points. Lions take QB Richardson FL. PFF doesn’t even have him in the top 5 so, ya, probably unrealistic again.

Here’s where it got interesting for me as a trade down team. Atlanta.

#4 to Falcons for #10, #42, #73 + ’24 1st and 2nd round picks. Not even considering the futre 1st & 2nd rounders, it would be an overpay of 200 points. Again PFN needs to adjust their trade value charts.

5-9 went Carter, Murphy, Q.Johnson, Ringo, and P. Johnson.

At #10 I took WR Addison

At #20 traded down again with the Bengals for #26 & #57. Bad trade as I JSN & Bresee were still on the board.

#26 Skronoski OT

I traded back into the first for #31 from the Eagles and gave up #45 and SEA future 2nd from earlier trade and took Gervon Dexter DT – FL

#35 Jarod Verse - Edge-FSU

#42 Rasheed Rice- SMU-WR

#56 D.Washington - Georgia-TE

#57 Trade down pick + CHI ’24 5th for Houston #64 & ’24-3rd

Trade down that #64 +#197 to Tennessee for #85, 151 & ’24-4th.

#65 John Michael Smith - OC-Minnesota

#73 Sean Tucker - Syracuse-RB

Trade down with FTP #85 + ’24-6th for #109, #142, #199 Ç they took Rome Oduze WR

*no more trade downs were offered

#101 Fatu - Alabama-TE

#107 Mazi Smith - Michigan-DT

#131 Zach Harrison – OSU-Edge

#142 Connor Galvin - Baylor-OT

#151 Jordan McFadden - Clemson-OT

#156 Jaylen Catalonm- Arksansas-S

#177 Mike Morris – Michigan-Edge

#199 Bryce Ford-Wheaton – West Virginia-WR

2024 Picks after Mock

CHI 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

ATL 1,2



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