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Biggs: The future of the franchise changed in one 4-week stretch

Brad Biggs joins the Bears Banter Podcast

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The Chicago Bears may have lost to the Green Bay Packers but Justin Fields continues to make strides proving he is in fact the Bears’ QB1 of the future (and the present!)

The Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs joins the podcast to discuss the loss to the Packers, the play of Justin Fields and the future of the franchise.

Brad’s certainly not one for silver-lining losses and improving draft position, but he isn’t blind to the impact Justin Fields is having, which is why he was glad to see him back out there and performing at a high-level. He said his impact on the franchise is practically immeasurable.

“I just looked at that four-game stretch starting with the New England game where the offense was putting up a ton of points,” Biggs stated. “Look at how the tenor of the season and the future changed in that four-game stretch so why wouldn’t you want him out there with five games remaining, now obviously four following the Green Bay game.”

It’s a great conversation with Biggsy so check out the podcast below!