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Windy City Gridiron picks Super Bowl LVI

It’s the Rams and Bengals for all the marbles. What a fitting end to a delightful postseason.

Super Bowl Experience Presented By Lowe’s Media Preview Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

It’s Super Bowl weekend, otherwise known as the only major (unofficial) American holiday from mid-January to (generally) late March.

This Sunday, around a hundred million people will watch commercials with anthropomorphic horses that love beer for some reason and any new candy/food/delicacy featuring a Brand Touch. Of course, in extremely short breaks between advertisements, Joe Burrow’s Bengals and Matthew Stafford’s Rams will duke it out for the Lombardi Trophy as an additional part of the festivities. The people (meaning us) will do all of this while gorging themselves on beer, pizza, wings, and the like.

Wait, what was that second-to-last part?

Oh right, it’s Bengals-Rams. A second-year Bengals quarterback, and a (former) Lions quarterback, playing for the most prestigious championship in American sports. Did you ever think you’d read a sentence like that in your lifetime? Then again, that’s what this wild and exciting postseason needed: Two No. 4 seeds bucking the trend and perhaps giving the greater Western world one last entertaining show.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in Los Angeles, but I can only hope to be captivated by the on-field action.

Windy City Gridiron’s staff picks for Super Bowl LVI.