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Jacob Infante live on Adam Rank’s The Sick Podcast

Check out our Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante chopping it up with Adam Rank tonight!

At 7:00 p.m. Chicago time our very own Jacob Infante will be going live with’s Adam Rank on his show The Sick Podcast to talk about the Chicago Bears. Adam’s usual content on the NFL Network,, and his various fantasy football stuff has him tackling the league from a national perspective, but The Sick Podcast is all about our beloved Bears, because Adam is a diehard fan himself.

I’m sure the convo will eventually get around to some possible NFL Draft prospects that new general manager Ryan Poles could target in just a couple months, but who know what direction Adam will take his always fun show tonight as it’ll be he and Jacob answering your questions in his Take It To The Rank segment.

Once it goes live we’ll have an embed for the show here at WCG, but you can also hit up his YouTube and Facebook page too to stream the show live.

Let’s go!