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Bears Over Beers Special Edition: NFC North Frenemies

JB is joined by colleagues from around the division to talk about the present and future of the NFC North

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Keep your friends close... and your enemies closer.

A special edition of Bears Over Beers is now on tap, featuring content creators from around the division. Ted Glover (Vikings), Mike Payton (Lions), and Matt Matonich (Packers) join me to discuss each team in detail and discuss important matters like:

  • Aaron Rodgers cleanse and the use of ghee
  • Dan Campbell’s caffeine regimen
  • What type of cheese is a cheesehead and what would you make an actual cheesehead out of

The guys also discuss more actual football stuff for each squad including who each guy fears the most in 2022 and three years from now. Spoiler: they all had things to say about Justin Fields. All this and more so tune in and enjoy this special edition. EJ is still locked in the film room but I’ve been told he’s close to resurfacing. Stay tuned for the official launch of Season 4!

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