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Super Bowl: Best bets, Props, ThiccSix odds and more!

Jeff runs through several of his favorite prop bets here for the Super Bowl. Can you best his picks?

The Rams play the 49ers in the NFC Championships. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Super Bowl LVI on Sunday marks the end of the 2022 season and the last time we get to bet on the NFL for six months. The Super Bowl can bring out even the most casual of gamblers with party games and friendly wagers. If you’re hitting up your betting apps for this Sunday, I’m laying down a challenge to all of you. Below I’m making a slate of Super Bowl bets using a $100 bankroll. Show your betting slip in the comments with at least 5 bets using odds from DraftKings Sportsbook on the big game. Show the bet, the amount placed, and the odds you found on DraftKings and see if you can beat my betting slip below.

The Big Game:

I agree with the books that the Los Angeles Rams are the favorites, but I think 4 points is too much to give the Cincinnati Bengals. The games this postseason have by and large been close affairs and the Bengals veteran defense has made adjustments when needed while Joe Burrow never loses his cool. The Rams have allowed 55 points in the playoffs while the Bengals have allowed 59 for a combined average of 19 ppg. The Bengals offense has put up 72 points over three games while the Rams have scored 84, a combined average of 26 ppg. All that is to say that I think 48.5 for the over/under is an annoyingly good number. Still, I’m betting on some creative play calling juice from Sean McVay and the Bengals throwing to play catch up throughout the game.

Bets: $10 on Bengals +4 at -110, $5 on Over 48.5 points at -110, $5 on parlay at +264


I’m never so bold as to predict the first TD or the last TD but I don’t mind throwing some money on the occasional TD spike if I find odds I like. There’s two I like, one from each team, that gets me plus money for secondary options in Tee Higgins and Van Jefferson. I think defenses will try to take away Ja’Marr Chase and Cooper Kupp as much as possible, opening up options for other players. Higgins is my favorite to have a big game and he’s getting better odds than Chase, who will likely see a steady dose of Jalen Ramsey. I like it so much that I’m sprinkling a bit on him hitting paydirt twice.

Bets: $5 Van Jefferson Anytime TD scorer +245

$10 Tee Higgins Anytime TD scorer +175

$2 Tee Higgins Score 2+ TDs +1000


Yardage bets are my personal bread and butter. It combines a fantasy football element that I really enjoy. If you have a strong sense of game flow and matchups, it can be a good way to get some value in your bet slips. I’m hitting these pretty hard because, again, I think there’s a lot of value in secondary options.

Bets: $5 Cam Akers Over 63.5 rushing yards -105

$10 Tee Higgins Over 68.5 receiving yards -115

$5 Tyler Boyd Over 40.5 receiving yards -110

$3 Van Jefferson Over 31.5 receiving yards -115

$5 Bengals Under 85.5 team rushing yards -115

$5 Cam Akers Most Individual rushing yards +110


DraftKings has a couple of fun combined QB bets that I like. These are bets saying that both guys will have a good game to get up to these totals and this is the game script I can picture most in my mind. They’re fun and you get positive money, but you have to get the right game script for them to work.

$5 Burrow + Stafford Over 4.5 TD Passes +145

$5 Burrow + Stafford Over 599.5 Passing Yards +150

Fun Bets:

Finally, it’s the Super Bowl and to make it extra fun, I went through every bet to find a few that I normally wouldn’t consider in a normal betting week.

Fun bet #1: $5 Rams Over 3.5 Sacks, $2 Von Miller first sack +400

The Rams defensive line is going to be a problem for the Bengals and getting pretty good odds on Von Miller recording the first sack of the game is too much for me to pass up. Miller, of course, won the Super Bowl MVP the last time he appeared in this game.

Fun bet #2: $5 Jersey Number of 1st scorer under 23.5 at -140

This bet gives me the worst odds of any in this article, but it gives me a lot of good options here. Under 23.5 gives me Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham, Cam Akers, Chase, and the QBs if they rumble in for six points.

Fun bet #3: $5 Total Players to have a pass attempt Over 2.5 at +155

Basically, we’re betting on a WR or RB pass, maybe a Johnny Hekker fake punt, or some kind of other trick play (yes, it will hit if a QB has to miss some time, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen). Odell Beckham, Cooper Kupp, Johnny Hekker, and Tyler Boyd all have a pass attempt this season.

Fun bet #4: $3 Offensive lineman to score +2200

Yes! I get to put money on a Thicc Six! Absolutely no logic or analysis behind this one, just pure fun that I get to bet it!

Your turn. Hit up the comments below or find me on Twitter @gridironborn to share your bet slip.