Big Men of the Draft

There is nothing more special to me than the big men up front. I love watching grown men create leverage and send a defender on his keester! Every year at draft time I scour the draft profiles and highlight reels of the college ranks to find the big men who would work so well for the Beloved Chicago Bears. Unfortunately under the Pace regime, that meant I ultimately would fall in love with 3-5 of the big guys (2018 Frank Ragnow, Alex Cappa, Joe Noteboom, Brian Allen) and watch as he overdrafts someone I thought was okay (James Daniels), while completely ignoring the rest of the line.

Maybe this year is different?!

So here I present to you my big man crushes of this year’s draft….

RT – Abraham Lucas (2nd Round)

Lucas fills every one of Ryan Poles criteria. Tough, nasty, healthy, quick, plays through the whistle. I personally believe he is the best pure RT in the draft and you will not find a better pure RT to come out of the draft in the last 5 years. Just watch this man and how he handles everyone on the right side of that line.

RG – Dylan Parham (3rd – 5th Round)

Every once in a while you get a big guy that’s fun to watch. Parham is just fun to watch. His 3 point stance is so low he looks tiny – then he comes out of his stance and you see his height - because he comes out a little high. Watching him honestly reminds me of Scrappy Doo. Just an angry guy who loves to engage the guy in front of him. He may not be the strongest, or the most polished, but man is he fun to watch.

C – Alec Lindstrom (4th – 5th round)

Zion Johnson gets the press, because he is such a complete IOL. But you and I both know that if you have a bad center, you look bad at guard no matter what you do. Alec Lindstrom is a bull in a china shop. He isn’t going to be a standout prospect, but he can anchor like no other center in the draft. He is good! Looking for a smart center that knows the assignments and won’t get bowled over? Lindstrom is your guy. If you want a more athletic center, who is just as strong, but lacks some of the physicality? Then look into Zach Tom (honorable mention), the converted tackle into center for Wake Forest. I would be happy with either one, but if you got lucky and nabbed Johnson in round 2, then grabbing Lindstrom in round 5 is a no brainer.

LG – Zion Johnson (2nd Round – maybe)

His awareness blows my mind. I’ve met plenty of big guys who are strong and quick. Fewer who are strong, quick, and play with a low pad level for leverage. Fewer still who are strong, quick, play low, and have good technique. But then there are those who check all 5 boxes for an OL. Zion Johnson is strong, quick, plays low, has good technique, and has a high awareness. If he somehow slips to 39, I know it would be difficult to not grab a receiver, but he would be in every one of my discussions at 39. The only reason I may pass is that there are several good guard candidates in rounds 3-5.

LG2 – Cole Strange (3rd – 5th round)

He is who Whitehair was supposed to be. He is a nasty, in-your-face blocker with great mobility and above average strength. There is no doubt that if you want a quality LG that doesn’t cost you a ton, Cole Strange is your guy. And please forgive the video, I watch it with no sound. Just turn it on mute and watch these highlights.

LT – Daniel Faalele (3rd Round)

GI-GAN-TIC. At 6’9" and 380 lbs, Faalele is a sight to behold. While he predominantly played the right side in Minnesota, there is no reason to think he can’t translate to the left side of the line. His footwork is smooth, and his arm length & strength can help make up some ground while he polishes his technique on the left. If he is there in round 3, you have to consider him. If you've traded back to pick up an extra pick, and he is there in round 4, you knock over the guys in the aisle in your sprint to the podium.

Unknown Draft Darling

Guard – Jason Poe

The Mercer University Bears essentially found Christian Okoye, had him gain 40 pounds and turned him into a lineman. I didn’t know I needed this in my life. He is raw. He is shorter than you would like at 6’2". He only weighs 300. But this is the quickest big man I have ever seen. It’s like he was a fullback that ate five to many deep dish pizzas. If you want to giggle with glee at the thought of this guy coming in on a 2 point conversion, then you have to watch this. I LOVE THIS MAN! I wouldn’t hesitate to take him at 186, even if he may only be a special teamer for life because of his height.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.