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WCG Member 2022 Chicago Bears Mock Draft contest!

Do you like doing mock drafts? Do you think your mocks are the best? Then join in our contest to find out if you are the greatest mock GM around!

Charles Woodson

The Finals are set (VOTE HERE), thanks to everyone for participating!

It’s back by popular demand, the Windy City Gridiron Chicago Bears Mock Draft contest!

We all love messing around with the various mock draft simulations that are out there, so we wanted to give you guys a chance to show your mock GM’ing skills with a contest. This is the third year we’ve done this with previous winners being WCG members Tony Cliffton and Scottnetz.

This contest is simple, just do your own mock draft at Pro Football Network, share it below in the comment section, and then your fellow WCG members will vote on who did it best.

Why Pro Football Network? Because I want to ensure we’re all playing in the same sandbox.

Here are the rules

  • You can ONLY mock as the Bears. So no selecting every team to ensure you get an unrealistic haul for Chicago.
  • You can ONLY submit one mock draft for the contest.
  • Trading up or down is permitted, but be sure to document each move you make.
  • There will be two rounds of voting.

1st round) Rec your favorite mocks down there in the comment section.

2nd round) The top 5 recommended mocks (maybe more, it depends on my mood) will get an actual poll treatment tomorrow in a separate article here at WCG.

Why do two rounds you may ask... That’s because some overzealous members will go rec-crazy at the first things they see which could skew the results to some mocks that aren’t up as quick.

  • Each comment must have the same format (so it’s easy for me to copy and paste), and if you don’t follow the format you may be disqualified.

Here is the format to use.

First put your username in bold in the comment.

Then list your draft like this: Pick number. Name, position, college (It’s a simple copy/paste from Pro Football Network, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.)

If you traded for future picks, list those future picks after your list of drafted players.

Then list the trade details after your list of picks so we know exactly what you did. You can click on the “trade” icon in your Pro Football Network mock to see the details of each trade.

Your comment should look something like this.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

39. Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan

48. Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State

71. Nick Cross, S, Maryland

148. Rasheed Walker, OT, Penn State

150. Terrel Bernard, LB, Baylor

224. Luke Goedeke, OG, Central Michigan

247. Isaiah Weston, WR, Northern Iowa

Traded pick 186 to the Dolphins for picks 224 and 247

Click here and mock your best seven-rounder for the Bears!

This comment section will close when I decide to make the article featuring our finalists.

The leading vote getter be able to carry the title of WCG Mock Draft Champ for a full year, he/she will have their user name in the headline once the overall champ is crowned, and if the champ does Twitter I’ll Tweet out some kudos for you from our account too!

Check out my latest guest spot talking Bears here:

On Sunday, April 24 we’ll be livestreaming a mock draft at Noon (CT) where we’re going to let you guys make every decision for the Bears. I’ve usually done the WCG reader mock here on the site, but with running the polls, keeping the simulation open, and typing up all the individual results taking four or five hours, doing it as a livestream (War Room Style) will make for a more interactive and crisp event.

Also as a reminder, we’ll be livestreaming on YouTube for the entirety of night two of the NFL Draft (4/29/22) to give a Bears’ fan perspective. We’ll have immediate reactions to the newest Bears plus have some prospect breakdowns with their college film too.

While WCG’s YouTube channel is 2nd City Gridiron, our 4/29/22 livestream will be on Robert Schmitz’s Run Pass Opinion YouTube Channel, because he’s already built that up over 10K, and we want to reach as many Bears fans as possible! We will be editing down all that night’s content from RPO (individual prospect analysis and film breakdowns) and putting those up in smaller to digest chunks on 2nd City Gridiron and on our WCG Podcast Channel, so be sure you’re subscribed to all the channels so you never miss a thing.

We hope to see a lot of our WCG extended family joining up at both events!