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Full 7-Round Chicago Bears WCG Reader Mock Draft

This is the mock draft where YOU guys make all the decision!

Georgia v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Attention WCG! We’ll be livestreaming our third annual mock draft at Noon (CT) where we’re going to let you guys make every decision for the Chicago Bears.

I’ve usually done the WCG reader mock here on the site, but with running the polls, keeping the simulation open, and typing up all the individual results usually taking four or five hours, doing it as a livestream (War Room Style) will make for a more interactive and crisp event for us and for you guys that want to hang with us for the duration.

Stream is over check out the embed right here at 2nd City Gridiron:

Each time the Bears go on the clock we will have will have a debate from our War Room of EJ Snyder (WCG’s Senior Draft Analyst and co-creator of Bootleg Football), Brandon Robinson (13 of our Rule of 3 podcast), Danny Meehan (co-host of our LunchPail Draftcast and 13 of the Rule of 3), and Robert Schmitz (host of Bear With Me and 13 of the Rule of 3), and then once we come to a consensus on 4 options we’ll fire out a poll from the 2nd City Gridiron Twitter account.

The poll will stay open for a few minutes — just like the real draft — we’ll announce the winner and then start the process all over for the next pick.

The first poll already came and went as we needed to see if a trade up was going to be on the table. Thankfully it wasn’t.

Here’s the full mock and PFFs grade!

Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us and mocking this for the Bears.