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2022 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Preview Podcasts and Videos

Check out all our audio and video Bears’ Draft preview stuff right here!

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Our Windy City Gridiron Podcast Channel launched back in October of 2018, and since that time it has grown bigger than I ever imagined it could. Not only do we have several shows that run all year long, but we recently launched a video channel that not only serves as the streaming home to most of our podcasts, but it also gives us another creative outlet to do more fun Bears stuff.

The NFL Draft is a huge event for us each year, with each one bringing more and more people into our WCG extended family. You guys continue to make us the number one destination for your Bears news and we appreciate you all.

I wanted to recap all the draft preview pods and videos we did here, but to see all our draft related content then hit this link.

On Bill Zimmerman’s latest Bears Banter he grabbed one of our busiest content creators during draft season, our Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante, and they gave a broad preview of the draft from a Bears’ perspective while recapping some of Chicago’s offseason moves.

This is the second year that Jacob has co-hosted an NFL Draft show and he and Danny Meehan’s fantastic LucnhPail DraftCast takes a more specific position by position look at the prospects. Here are all their recent shows.

Offensive line

Wide receiver, running backs, and quarterbacks

Cornerbacks and safeties

Linebackers and edge rushers

Interior d-line and tight ends

Jacob also guested with Jeff Berckes and I on our Bear & Balanced podcast, and we focused entirely one on of the Bears’ biggest need position, wide receiver.

The 2nd City Gridiron Channel hosted our WCG Live Mock Draft this year, so check out EJ Snyder, Robert Schmitz, Danny Meehan, Brandon Robinson, and me on occasion as we run through a full 7 round mock draft for the Chicago Bears where you fans made all the decisions.

Windy City Gridiron Podcast Channel which includes Bear With Me from Robert Schmitz, Bears Over Beers featuring Jeff Berckes & EJ Snyder, Bears Banter hosted by Bill Zimmerman, Rule of 3 with R. Schmitz, Danny Meehan, and Brandon Robinson, Bear & Balanced from Jeff and Lester A. Wiltfong Jr., and T Formation Conversation from Lester; EJ also co-hosts The Bootleg Football Podcast with Brett Kollmann; R. Schmitz has a film breakdown show on YouTube titled Run Pass Opinion; Will Robinson II has his WhiskeyRanger YouTube channel, and Steven’s Streaming Twitch Channel from Steven Schweickert.

2nd City Gridiron is the video home to the WCG Podcast Channel and so much more too.