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Chicago Bears 2022 Draft Class Recap Podcasts

Check out all our instant reaction podcasts about each Bears’ draft pick right here!

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After every selection the Chicago Bears make in the 2022 NFL Draft we’ll be recording an instant reaction podcast breaking down the pick. These will be focused for about 10/15 minutes solely on our newest Bear. Most of those will be livestreamed on YouTube, all will eventually end up on the WCG Podcast Channel, and we’ll share them all right here as well.

Robert Schmitz’s Bear With Me pod brought on Jacob Infante to break down the Bears pick at 39 overall, Washington cornerback Kyler Gordon.

Jacob jumped back on with Robert for his Bear With Me podcast to give their instant reactions to Penn State safety Jaquan Brisker.

Jacob wasn’t as high on Velus Jones Jr. as he was on the Bears earlier two selections, and he shares some thoughts here with Robert on Bear With Me.

Bill Zimmerman was not happy with the Bears’ night two haul and he fires off some thoughts in his latest Bears Banter Podcast.

This one is Rated WCG-MA!

Bill calmed down a bit and grabbed Jacob for a breakdown of 5th round selection Braxton Jones.

Jeff “JB” Berckes and EJ Snyder had a fun Bears Over Beers breaking down EDGE rusher Dominique Robinson.

The LunchPail DraftCast crew of Danny Meehan and Jacob Infante give us the skinny on Zachary Thomas, offensive lineman from San Diego State University.

Bear & Balanced drew the straw to break down running back Trestan Ebner from Baylor, so JB and Lester grabbed Jacob to help out.

Danny went solo on this quick episode of the LunchPail DraftCast breaking down Illinois’ center, Doug Kramer.

Lester’s T Formation Conversation featured Danny for a breakdown of OG Ja’Tyre Carter from Southern.

Danny grabbed Montel Hardy to help with our podcast on safety Elijah Hicks from Cal.

Danny and Montel spent some time breaking down Chicago’s new punter, 7th rounder Trenton Gill.

There were some bad thunderstorms raging through the Midwest and the last few pods suffered from some connection issues, so we apologize for the technical difficulties.