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Chicago Bears 2022 UDFA News and Rumor tracker

Keeping everything updated for the Chicago Bears and their search through the undrafted free agent pool, and once they make an announcement official we’ll have even more on their new players.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 04 Mountain West Championship Game - Utah State at San Diego State Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Draft may be over but the work of the Chicago Bears is far from complete. Chicago has more open roster spots than just about every team in the NFL, so that means plenty of undrafted free agents will be clamoring for a chance to impress Bears’ brass.

With the bonus money limited to just $167,944 for each team’s class of UDFAs they sign, you should expect some players and their agents to occasionally drum up rumors on social media to spike interest. *Keep in mind that we’ll see a few errant leaks about players singing with various teams, but don’t assume it’s a done deal until Chicago actually announce a signing as official.

We’ll be on top of all the Bears’ news and rumors right here all weekend long in this UDFA News and Rumor Tracker.

*These UDFAs are reported to have signed

  1. Jean Delance, OL, Florida (link)
  2. Tristen Taylor, OT, Eastern Washington (link)
  3. Landon Lenoir, WR, Southern Illinois (link)
  4. Savon Scarver, WR, Utah State (link)
  5. Kevin Shaa, WR, Liberty (link)
  6. Cyrus Holder, WR, Duquesne (link)
  7. Luke Little, WR, University of Mary (link)
  8. Henry Litwin, WR, Slippery Rock (link)
  9. Master Teague, RB, Ohio State (link)
  10. Chase Allen, TE, Iowa State (link)
  11. Jake Tonges, TE, Cal (link)
  12. Micah Dew-Treadway, DL, Minnesota (link)
  13. Jack Sanborn, ILB, Wisconsin (link)
  14. C.J. Avery, LB, Louisville (link)
  15. Jaylen Alexander, LB, Purdue (link)
  16. Christian Albright, OLB, Ball State (link)
  17. Jaylon Jones, CB, Mississippi (link)
  18. Derick Bush, CB, Coastal Carolina (link)
  19. Allie Green, CB, Missouri (link)
  20. Amari Carter, S, University of Miami (link)
  21. Jonathan Alexander, S, Charlotte (link)

The Bears will hold their rookie minicamp on May 6 through 8.

Rookie Camp Invites

  1. Drew Plitt, QB, Ball State (link)
  2. De’Montre Tuggle, RB, Ohio (link)
  3. Tim McCloyn. FB, Illinois State (link)
  4. Brandon Bowling, WR, Utah State University (link)
  5. Johnny Huntley, TE, Liberty (link)
  6. Braden Galloway, TE, Clemson (link)
  7. Carson Taylor, EDGE, Northern Arizona (link)
  8. Kainoa Fuiava, DL, Western Michigan (link)
  9. Mike Greene, DL, James Madison (link)
  10. Joshua Black, DL, Syracuse (link)
  11. Ralph Holley, DT, Western Michigan (link)
  12. Elijah James, DL, Liberty (link)
  13. Roy Baker, CB, Eastern Kentucky (link)
  14. Tre Bugg, DB, Air Force (link)
  15. Coney Durr, DB, Minnesota (link)
  16. Dishon McNary, CB, Central Michigan (link)
  17. Demario McCall, CB, Ohio State (link)
  18. Ezekiel Barnett, LB, Louisiana Tech (link)
  19. Chris Bergin, LB, Northwestern (link)
  20. Jamal Brooks, LB, South Alabama (link)
  21. Matthew Coghlin, K, Michigan State (link)
  22. Antonio Ortiz, LS, TCU (link)

Reminder that none of these have been confirmed by the Bears.

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For another set of eyes on the UDFAs, our guy Aaron Leming is keeping track of this too in a Google doc.

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