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Where are the Bears at as a franchise right now?

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles continues his slow and steady pace through his first ever free agency by adding contributors and filling needs. The splash signings have been lacking, but I still see this franchise in a much better position that it was a season ago.

The record may not end up reflecting that, but the style of play will, as will player development.

There’s a long way until training camp, and this roster will go through changes all the way up to week one, and then the tweaks will continue to fine tune Matt Eberflus’ squad as they set the stage for future success.

The NFL Draft and UDFA period will bring in several rookies that will grow within the culture the team is building, and they’ll keep looking for smart veteran additions as they arise.

Join Robert Schmitz and myself on a live edition of Robert’s Bear With Me podcast as we take a look at the recent moves, look forward to the draft, and speculate on what this team will end up looking like for the 2022 season.

The podcast version of the show is available right here...