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Breaking down the Bears 2022 undrafted free agents

On Lester’s latest T Formation Conversation Podcast he’s joined by Jacob Infante to break down the Bears 2022 UDFA rookie class.

NFL: MAY 08 Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Chicago Bears wrapped up their 2022 rookie minicamp on Sunday, and shortly after they made some changes to their 90-man offseason roster. A few tryout rookies won jobs, some newly signed undrafted free agent rookies were released, and a couple veterans were let go too.

Now that Chicago’s UDFA class has had a chance to settle in, I wanted to grab Jacob Infante to give us the lowdown on all these players. Jacob scouted hundreds of players prior to the draft, so I’m sure he has some good info on these rookies, and he’ll be able to let us know if they have a legitimate shot at sticking around Halas Hall in 2022.

Check out Jacob joining me on a live recording of my T Formation Conversation podcast on our 2nd City Gridiron video channel right here:

Here’s the audio only version from our podcast channel.

And here’s the order of UDFAs we’ll be taking about on the show so you can follow along.

  1. Jean Delance, OL, Florida (6’4”, 303)
  2. Kevin Shaa, WR, Liberty (5’9”, 166)
  3. Cyrus Holder, WR, Duquesne (6’2”, 198) released (link)
  4. Henry Litwin, WR, Slippery Rock (5’10”, 198) released (link)
  5. De’Montre Tuggle, RB, Ohio (5’8”, 206)
  6. Chase Allen, TE, Iowa State (6’6”, 251)
  7. Jake Tonges, TE, Cal (6’4”, 240)
  8. Micah Dew-Treadway, DL, Minnesota (6’4”, 308)
  9. Carson Taylor, DE, Northern Arizona (6’3”, 241)
  10. Jack Sanborn, ILB, Wisconsin (6’2”, 234)
  11. Christian Albright, ILB, Ball State (6’2”, 226)
  12. C.J. Avery, LB, Louisville (5’11”, 230)
  13. Jaylon Jones, CB, Mississippi (5’10”, 190)
  14. Allie Green, CB, Missouri (6’2”, 203)
  15. A.J. Thomas, S, Western Michigan (6’2”, 214)
  16. Jon Alexander, S, Charlotte (6’2”, 217)
  17. Antonio Ortiz, LS, TCU (6’4”, 247)

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