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Who was your least favorite Bears draft pick?

This five-part WCG roundtable is all about the Chicago Bears’ 2022 NFL Draft class. Next up is our least favorite selection.

SPORTS-FBN-BEARS-DRAFT-1-TB Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Draft was two weeks ago, so now that we’ve all had a little time to dissect what exactly the Chicago Bears did, we wanted our staffers to run though a few questions centered around their 11 rookies. Yesterday we asked our team to give us their favorite draft pick, so you knew this one was coming today.

Who was your least favorite draft pick made by the Chicago Bears?

And here’s what our team had to say.

Patti Curl: It wasn’t the player, but when the Bears used their second 2nd-round pick on defense, I was definitely disappointed. I generally prescribe to the best player available (within reason) draft philosophy, but I think there’s an exception when you’re developing a young franchise quarterback. I was a big fan of Skyy Moore who was drafted 6 picks later and was hoping for him, George Pickens, and Bernard Raimann, all of which I was surprised were still on the board.

ECD: None of the players themselves are who, or what, I have an issue with. Instead, it was the continuous passing on the opportunities to surround QB Justin Fields with top notch weapons that is my least favorite decision. Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon are great players in their own right. I find it awesome that 4 O-linemen were drafted on Day 2 as well. But, what would have been more awesome than that? Coming away with more than just 1 WR — Velus Jones Jr. — in eleven total picks. The receiving corps, in it’s current state, might be the worst in the league. It’s Darnell Mooney, then everybody else, mixed with complete uncertainty and a lack of meaningful depth or experience. That’s not a formula for putting your young QB that you’re “all-in” on in a position for success.

Robert Schmitz: Is it bad that I don’t really have one? The Velus pick, for instance, was a bit of a reach with someone like Tolbert on the board, but this is the same draft where Tyquan Thornton and Wan’Dale Robinson were top-50 picks — if you wanted speed on offense, it seems you had to reach for it. I’ll list Brisker here if I’m forced to purely because I wonder if any single defensive player was worth not trading down, but I really ended up liking this draft.

Robert Zeglinski: Taking Jaquan Brisker instead of getting a young offensive playmaker still doesn’t add up to me. As complete of a player as Brisker might be, I think this was the epitome of getting greedy: A luxury pick, really. I know most rookie receivers don’t generally put up Ja’Marr Chase production, but I thought it was a lot more important to get a BPA wideout and let him learn and be ready for 2023 since that appears to be the window the Bears are aiming for.

I’d rather get a more polished offensive foundational piece for the reason the Bears will go anywhere, as opposed to a nice defensive commodity. Brisker better be Kam Chancellor Redux for my tastes, I guess. No pressure!

Josh Sunderbruch: The easy answer is Velus Jones, because I think he was a reach, especially for a specialist. I also don’t love the pick of Kyler Gordon, because even if he ends up being a good player, the focus on defense bugs me given the current roster construction. Between the two, I think Jones has bigger bust potential, so I’ll go with him.

Sam Householder: They had so many needs I didn’t really have too much of an issue with any one pick. I guess if I had to say one though it would be Trestan Ebner. It’s a sixth round pick, so I’m nit-picking here, but RB is arguably the one position the Bears don’t need a lot of help at. He has skills that fit the passing game and fit a little better with the zone scheme that Luke Getsy intends to run, but other than that it felt kind of like “OK... and?” But let me reiterate that it’s a sixth round pick, so there isn’t much to get too uptight about.

Help us welcome our new summer intern, Peter Borkowski!

Peter Borkowski: As a disclaimer, there’s never really a draft pick I “dislike” per say because they’re so hard to predict, but there are always some I raise my eyebrows at, and Trestan Ebner is that guy this year. Barring injuries, I figure Montgomery and Herbert have the RB1 and RB2 slots on lock, so where does Ebner really fit in? To be fair, I do like his game, he could be a hidden gem, and stocking up on RBs is never a terrible idea (with injuries in mind and what not), but definitely a pick that stood out to me as odd.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: Picking a punter in the seventh round isn’t the end of the world, but I’m not seeing anything in Trenton Gill’s game that warrants a draft pick. The Bears probably could have held out and targeted Gill, or another punter, in the UDFA market. With veteran Ryan Winslow the only punter on the roster, undrafted punters would have been lining up for an opportunity in Chicago.

Who was your least favorite Bears draft pick?