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Which Bears draft pick will have the most successful career?

This five-part WCG roundtable is all about the Chicago Bears’ 2022 NFL Draft class with today’s topic our pick for most likely to succeed.

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We’re up to part-three in our latest roundtable discussion that’s all about the Chicago Bears 2022 draft class. First up our team gave their pick for their favorite draft pick, second was our pick for least favorite, and here’s the today’s topic...

Which Bears draft pick will have the most successful career?

And here’s what our team had to say.

ECD: Jaquan Brisker has all the makings to be a legitimate stud at safety for the long-term in Chicago. Toughness. Instincts. Intelligence. Relentlessness. All those, packaged within a highly athletic frame and topped with a knack for making key plays in critical moments. He’s the kind of player the Bears have been needing to pair with Eddie Jackson at Safety for several years.

Robert Schmitz: I’m guessing Gordon here (narrowly edging Brisker out), unless injuries derail his career I can’t see how he isn’t at least “pretty good” and that makes for a long and successful career at CB. My dark horse hope is that Zach Thomas ends up taking this title after a breakout season at Right Guard, but that’s a lot to ask for out of a 6th round pick. Fingers crossed!

Robert Zeglinski: It’s probably going to be Gordon, and all of that success might not happen with Chicago (unless the Bears plan on eventually giving massive extensions to two mid-20s corners). He’s a great ballhawk and has the smarts and athleticism to carve out a solid long-term career in the league, with multiple squads, even if he doesn’t reach superstar status.

Josh Sunderbruch: Brisker. There’s a shortage of defensive backs who have a complete skill set. I think that he’ll find work for a nice, long career barring some sort of catastrophic injury.

Sam Householder: Gordon is the easy selection here. The shelf life on safeties tends to be shorter, IMO and a lot of the other picks, specifically the OL are kind of projects, so I think Gordon could easily play well enough to at least get a second contract and be around a while. Sleeper pick is Dominique Robinson, but again, he’s a bit of a project too.

Help us welcome our new summer intern, Peter Borkowski!

Peter Borkowski: I could be lame and go with the punter, Trenton Gill (because I figure punters usually have an easier time transitioning to the bigs), but I’ll actually do some work and say Kyler Gordon. You never know with any of them, but he comes across as the safest pick to me. Plus, with how young the CB duo is now with Johnson lining up across from him, Gordon should stick around for a while and get plenty of chances to shine.

Patti Curl: Punter Trenton Gill. Punters have to be good to get drafted and good punters have long careers.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: Fingers crossed that it’s one of the four offensive linemen, but I see Brisker as the safest pick and capable of the longest career. He’s a do-it-all safety that is a likely week one starter, and barring injury he could patrolling the backend of the Bears defense for 8 to 10 years.

Who do you predict will have the best career from their draft class?