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Former Bears RB Tarik Cohen appears to suffer leg injury during workout

The past year and a half has not been kind to Cohen.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

As he works his way back into the NFL, former Chicago Bear Tarik Cohen appears to have hit another unfortunate snag. During a Tuesday morning training session, the current free agent running back seemed to suffer a leg injury while working through a speed ladder. He immediately pulled up and grabbed at his Achilles, as if to signify that that was the issue.

Note: We will not be linking back to the video because we deemed it unnecessary. At the time of writing, if you’d like to see it for yourself — it is easily viewable/findable over the Internet and general social media.

If the injury is indeed as bad as it appeared, you have to feel for Cohen.

Since he tore his ACL in September 2020, the once-electric back hasn’t been the same. The recovery from that injury didn’t go well, causing him to miss the entire 2021 season and leading the Bears to cut him this past spring. As he detailed in a recent Player’s Tribune article, the recent fallout of his professional football career didn’t help him and his family as they dealt with the death of his brother Tyrell in May 2021.

Fingers are certainly crossed for Cohen that the worst has not come to pass with his health. It’s already been a difficult approximate two years, and he could certainly use a break.