Arm Chair GMs, Call Your Shot 2022

The draft is over and some fans are griping about the choice to take defensive backs over wide receiver help. The receiver that Poles did take is getting some heat for not fitting the mold of who draftniks were projecting to the Bears. We won't have an idea of how well Poles' approach worked until early in the regular season. A final evaluation is years away.

In the mean time if you want to complain about how we should have drafted X receiver then I propose that you stake that claim now vs 6 months from now when players have had opportunities to emerge. The rules are simple. In the comments write out who you would have taken at the Bears' original draft slots or in the ones he traded into. No fantasy trades that did not happen. You have the benefit of hindsight knowing which players would be available.

I don't want to hear a year from now that the Bears should have taken one of the six wide receivers taken in the 2nd round after the Bears picks when some hit and others miss if you can't pick out the one that would actually have succeeded.

For reference here is what draft slots the Bears had after the Mack trade:

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