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Bears announce 16-man 2022 UDFA class and rookie minicamp roster

Florida v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

EDIT: There are reports the Bears made some changes after the weekend’s minicamp, so click here for the updated UDFA list.

The Chicago Bears have announced their 2022 class of undrafted free agents, and there are several prospects that have a decent shot at sticking around in some capacity for the upcoming season. The announced group of 16 players is smaller than the reports that were floating around earlier this week, so I wonder if those other players were just rookie minicamp invites or elected to go to a different team.

Here are Chicago’s official new UDFA rookies.

  1. Jean Delance, OL, Florida (6’4”, 303)
  2. Landon Lenoir, WR, Southern Illinois (5’11”, 186)
  3. Savon Scarver, WR, Utah State (5’10”, 184)
  4. Kevin Shaa, WR, Liberty (5’9”, 166)
  5. Cyrus Holder, WR, Duquesne (6’2”, 198)
  6. Henry Litwin, WR, Slippery Rock (5’10”, 198)
  7. Master Teague, RB, Ohio State (5’11”, 225)
  8. Chase Allen, TE, Iowa State (6’6”, 251)
  9. Jake Tonges, TE, Cal (6’4”, 240)
  10. Micah Dew-Treadway, DL, Minnesota (6’4”, 308)
  11. Jack Sanborn, ILB, Wisconsin (6’2”, 234)
  12. C.J. Avery, LB, Louisville (5’11”, 230)
  13. Jaylen Alexander, LB, Purdue (6’, 236)
  14. Jaylon Jones, CB, Mississippi (5’10”, 190)
  15. Allie Green, CB, Missouri (6’2”, 203)
  16. Amari Carter, S, University of Miami (5’11”, 200)

The Bears also announced that they released offensive lineman Tyrone Wheatley Jr., who spent time a year ago on their practice squad.

Chicago’s full 11-man draft class will all be at camp, and even though some are unsigned the NFL has a rule that protects them from injury.

There are also 4 first-year players at this weekend’s camp.

Dieter Eiselen, guard

Chris Finke, receiver

Charles Snowden, defensive end

Ryan Willis, quarterback

Two unsigned veterans are there to try out.

Maurice Canady, cornerback

Jayson Stanley, cornerback

And 36 unsigned rookies at Halas Hall on a try out basis as well.

Christian Albright, Ball State inside linebacker

Jon Alexander, Charlotte safety

Roy Baker, Eastern Kentucky cornerback

Ezekiel Barnett, Louisiana Tech linebacker

Chris Bergin, Northwestern inside linebacker

Joshua Black, Syracuse defensive end

Brandon Bowling, Utah State receiver

Jamal Brooks, South Alabama inside linebacker

Tre Bugg, Air Force cornerback

Maurice Burkley, Louisville running back

Derick Bush, Coastal Carolina cornerback

Brandon Chapman, Wake Forest tight end

Matt Goghlin, Michigan State kicker

Roger Cray, Old Dominion cornerback

Liam Dobson, Texas State guard

Corey Dublin, Tulane center

Coney Durr, Minnesota cornerback

Kainoa Fuiava, Western Michigan defensive tackle

Braden Galloway, Clemson tight end

Michael Greene, James Madison defensive tackle

Ralph Holley, Western Michigan defensive tackle

Johnny Huntley, Liberty tight end

Elijah James, Liberty defensive end

Bydarrius Knighten, Auburn safety

David Kroll, Delaware guard

Luke Little, University of Mary tight end

Demario McCall, Ohio State cornerback

Timothy McGloyn, Illinois State running back

Dishon McNary, Central Michigan cornerback

Antonio Ortiz, TCU long-snapper

Drew Plitt, Ball State quarterback

Carson Taylor, Northern Arizona defensive end

Tristen Taylor, Eastern Washington guard

A.J. Thomas, Western Michigan safety

De’Montre Tuggle, Ohio running back

Amir Tyler, Temple safety

Here’s the roster of all players participating at this weekend’s rookie camp.

If I find a bigger version I’ll share it here.