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Who is your favorite current Bears player?

We wrap up our latest WCG roundtable with a fun question.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Chicago Bears roundtable topic is a fun one...

Who is your favorite current Bears player?

And here are our picks.

Jacob Infante - It’s Justin Fields until I have substantial proof otherwise. At his best, I believe he is a dynamic quarterback whose dual-threat ability few in the league can match. The flashes he has shown have been very impressive, and in a new system, he has the potential to develop into a superstar.

Ken Mitchell - Justin Fields. I like everything about the man, especially his work ethic. He’s a winner.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - It’s Justin Fields. He brings the most promise to solving the Bears’ chronic issue at QB. He has a personality that makes you cheer for the guy. And, he’s the kind of person you really want to see succeed in their career.

Rahul Ramachandran - Darnell Mooney made a push here, but I have to go with Justin Fields. He is the quarterback, so he obviously has the greatest impact on the game, and he is electrifying. The moments of special he gave us last year were unbelievable (i.e., the Pittsburgh game, the run vs the 49ers, some of the throws vs the Lions, etc.). His highlight-level plays are up there with any quarterback in the NFL, and I truly believe he’ll develop into the franchise quarterback we desperately need.

Sam Householder - Christian Albright, because he went to the one and only Ball State University, duh! But also Justin Fields. Obviously, I think it’s fair to say that all fans want Fields to work out for the right reasons. He also seems to have so much going for him that makes him likable; he’s confident but humble, he plays with swagger and strikes me as a genuine leader who knows how to have fun but also work hard and be serious when he has to.

Aaron Leming - Tim Anderson. Oh wait... We’re talking football and not baseball, huh? Well... In that case, I’ll go with Justin Fields. No, not just because he’s the quarterback but in my household (despite not being an Ohio State fan), I was able to see a lot of Fields both on and off the field. It’s easy to root for good people and it’s even easier to root for players you’ve seen grown over a period of time.

Robert Zeglinski - I would be partial to Justin Fields, just because it’s a young team with few real established stars, but he hasn’t done anything noteworthy yet. So, it’s Roquan Smith. The perfect linebacker who may as well have been made in a lab. Am I annoyed that the Bears’ most interesting/best player is, once again, a linebacker? Heck yes. Does that make me like Smith any less? I’ll let one of his rockets into the backfield answer for me: No.

Jack Salo - Eddie Jackson. I don’t care to stan him. I understand the criticism last year. His contract is enormous starting this season, and not guaranteed at all starting next year. If he’s in Chicago much longer, it will be because of a stellar season followed by a contract restructure. Still, when BoJack is great, the Bears are great.

Bill Zimmerman - Nathan Peterman, obviously.

Peter Borkowski - Is Cairo Santos really my favorite Bears player? Maybe not. Darnell Mooney and his electrifying speed, as well as Roquan Smith and his dominating play, both make solid cases as well, but I just kinda want to talk about Santos. So yeah, my favorite Bears player is the kicker!

For as many “Bears don’t have a kicker” jokes that have been floating around since that game, Santos has quietly been one of the league’s most consistent kickers. In 2020, his FG% of 93.8% ranked fifth amongst starting kickers. While that number dipped to 86.7% in 2021, Santos only attempted 30 FGs, fewer than most of his contemporaries. Plus, how does no one outside of Bears fans talk about the fact that Cairo Santos made 40 straight field goals? I repeat. FORTY. If it wasn’t for a 65 yard attempt at Pittsburgh (which probably was the right call to be honest), that streak might’ve gone on longer. And maybe, just maybe, Santos would have broken the record of 44 field goals made with a miss. I think that’s pretty good.

Josh Sunderbruch - Probably Teven Jenkins. He seems like a nice kid and it’s not his fault that he was put in a terrible situation last year. I think that had things been handled better, he would have had a stellar half-season last year at right tackle

Patti Curl - To be honest, there’s an Akiem Hicks sized hole in my heart that nobody has been able to fill. Staley sits on it and keeps it safe from the elements while I wait for someone to take his spot. Candidates include the three top rookies (Gordon, Brisker, and Jones), Darnell “Moon Bear” Mooney, Teven Jenkins, and whichever day three offensive lineman becomes a starter. Let the best Bear win!

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - This is a tough one, because like Patti, Hicks’ departure leaves an opening for me in the favorite Bear category. Jenkins was fun to watch in college, but he’s yet to establish that kind of play as a professional with just 2 starts. Free agent pick up Lucas Patrick seems like the kind of o-lineman I can get behind, but let’s see how he performs before he lands on my fav list. Fields is in the conversation based on potential, but like Jenkins, I need to see it translate to the field. So after looking over the current 90 man roster... I’ll take Cole Kmet. I’ve always been a fan of tight end play, and Kmet is a young and ascending third year player looking to breakout in the new offense.

Now it’s your turn. Who is your favorite current Bears player?