Do You Have Questions About NFL Personnel Trends?

The offseason is long and boring. At a certain point, staring at the WR/OL depth charts for the 100th time begins to lose its appeal.

I created a database containing every player who has played in the NFL from 2007 to 2021. For each player, I've got an entry for every season from 2007-2021 containing:

  • The team he played for
  • The position he primarily played that year
  • How many games/snaps he played
  • Whether that player would be considered a starter that season or not (I came up with a way to evaluate this based on snaps/# of that position on the field)
  • His age that year
  • What season that was in his career (1st year in the league, 2nd year, etc)
  • The player's draft status (what year round/year he was drafted, or if he was a UDFA)
  • Some basic stats if relevant to the position they played (i.e. for RBs: atts, yards, ypc, tds; for WRs: targets, recs, yards, tds, ypt, ypc, rec%, etc)
I also created a database of every team's season played between 2007 and 2021, containing:

  • W/L/T and winning %
  • Whether that team made the playoffs/won division/got a bye/made N/AFC champ game/SB app/SB win
  • Yards gained/given up
  • Points scored/surrendered
  • Season rankings for offense/defense based on yards/points

Now that I've built these databases, I've created some structure that allows me to easily run any number of queries on the databases.

Anything from something simple like 'What's the age range of starting WRs in the NFL?'

Starting WR age 07-21

Or 'For all teams making it to at least the NFC or AFC Championship game, what's the breakdown of their starters by original draft position?'

Championship game starters by draft status

Or, 'Give me all the seasons produced by Running Backs between the ages of 31 and 34 between 2018 and 2021'.

All RBs 31-34 yo 2018-2021

At this point, I've only built the capabilities for certain types of queries, but as long as the info exists in the databases, I could pretty easily pull any cross-section or cut of data.

I plan to play around with this, and I've already found some notable things. I may end up making a Fanpost or two highlighting some areas I think are particularly interesting or relevant to the Bears.

But I also wanted to throw it open for people who might be interested in stuff like this, or who've had pet theories or ideas about the NFL that they've never been able to confirm or deny.

If there's anything you're curious about in terms of NFL trends that these databases might be able to answer, post a comment asking about it and I'll try to get you an answer.

I have no idea whether there's any interest in this or not, but figured I'd at least make the offer.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.