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Is Trevis Gipson the most underrated player on the Bears?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

ESPN, with cooperation from their partners at Football Outsiders, recently listed the most underrated player on each NFL team. The term underrated is open to interpretation, but they define it as either “a good player conventional wisdom tells us is mediocre,” or “a useful player who doesn’t receive the star treatment from NFL fans.”

Their pick for the Chicago Bears is defensive end Trevis Gipson, and here’s what they wrote about him.

Gipson emerged as a strong No. 3 and spot starter for the Bears last season, racking up seven sacks and 15 hurries in just under 500 snaps. Though a bit raw in his approach, Gipson has good length, functional strength and stunning flashes of bend around the corner. If Gipson can use this year’s opportunity as a starter to take another step forward, the Bears may have a real difference maker on their hands.

Gipson may be underrated from a national perspective, but I’m expecting him to take a nice jump in play this year, which is why I put him at number 10 in my Ten Most Important Bears for the 2022 season.

Gipson flashed last year when he got his chance to start, establishing himself as a viable pass rusher off the edge. This season he’s moving back to the defensive line after playing outside linebacker the last two years, but an edge is an edge, and the transition should be seamless. The Bears signed experienced defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad in free agency and they return Pro Bowler Robert Quinn, so even if Gipson is coming off the bench he’s going to be on the field quite a bit in rotation.

Do you guys agree that Gipson is Chicago’s most underrated player?