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What I’m most looking forward to about training camp

Training camp means football is almost back and that’s what Sam is excited for!

NFL: AUG 12 Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the summer rolls on, the novelty of the nice weather begins to wear off, as the humidity and temperature continue to climb.

It’s then that I begin to think about the coming days where the days are a bit shorter, but still warm and the air gets a nice chill in it. Ah yes, autumn is coming.

And with it, football!

I’m always looking forward to football season and it’s never near enough. But July is the beginning, the dawning, if you will.

It all starts at training camp.

Training camp is always exciting because it’s the start of the new, and with it, hope. Even when a team has low expectations, it’s just exciting to have the prospects of the season that much closer.

What am I looking forward to about training camp this year? I am hoping to get out to a Chicago Bears camp practice at Halas Hall, as I did last year.

It was a fun day and if I am lucky enough to score the tickets, I’ll be looking to see what the energy level is with the new coaching staff. I will be curious to see how Matt Eberflus runs his practices and if there will be any similarity to former head coach Lovie Smith.

And of course I’ll be watching the offense closely. I’m perhaps most looking forward to seeing what glimpses of the new scheme I can see up close. I also want to see consistency from quarterback Justin Fields.

What about you? Are you going to camp? What are you looking forward to most?