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Bear & Balanced: July 30 Bears Training Camp Recap

JB and Lester were at Halas Hall today and here’s their recap of what they saw on the field and a recap on the drama that unfolded in the bleachers!

The sled that was broken by the Bears d-line on Friday.
Photo by @wiltfongjr

The fourth day of Chicago Bears training camp is over, and just like yesterday I was down at Halas Hall with my podcast partner Jeff Berckes. And just like yesterday the two of us record ed a livestream on 2nd City Gridiron to talk about what we saw today.

Beside us hitting on our Trench Tribute and the Fields Report categories, we also give our picks for offensive and defensive player of the day at camp. We also share an interesting story about how we were accused of filming practice, not once, not twice, but three times!

For those that don’t know the filming of practice is not allowed.

Check us out in the embed below, and we know not everyone cares about the drama, so we saved that for the end of the show. And since we also know some people live for the drama (Ha!) you can catch our security guard run-in story at the 30:45 mark.


And for the podcast crowd you can give us a listen right here for the audio only:

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