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Fan confidence in the Bears’ franchise drops

NFL: Chicago Bears Training Camp Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

When we last asked our fan base about their confidence level in the franchise via an SB Nation Reacts survey, our Chicago Bears voters chimed in with a 71%. This was back in February after the team had hired general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus, but it was before free agency and the NFL Draft. So I can only gather that the slight dip in confidence with the latest survey was disappointment in what the team did or didn’t do this offseason.

Then again, perhaps it has something to do with the Teven Jenkins and Roquan Smith storylines that have been causing so much discussion amongst our fans.

The current confidence level is at 64%, and considering these fluctuate with wins and losses, I can only imagine we’ll see another dip if the Bears lose tomorrow in their preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs.

But if you watch the game like WCG’s resident scout, Greg Gabriel, then you’ll be watching for more than just the final score. Here’s what Greg will be focused on during the game.