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Can Velus Jones Jr. be a playmaking weapon for the Bears?

Robert Schmitz is debuting a new video breakdown on OUR freshly rebranded video channel, 2nd City Gridiron!

Robert’s RPO channel is merging with WCGs 2nd City Gridiron, allowing us to reach an even bigger audience of Bears/NFL fans! Check out this quick video announcing the merger before getting into the Velus Jones Jr. breakdown.

Most fans were disappointed when the Chicago Bears drafted Velus Jones Jr. in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He wasn’t the wide receiver they expected them to draft, and on the heels of the double defensive back picks a round earlier, day two of the draft left fans disheartened.

But narratives have a way of changing over time, and with the offseason a time for hope, many fans got on board with the Jones pick. The more we all got to know him by diving into his time in college, listening to his interviews and press conferences, and seeing him at the public training camp practices at Halas Hall, the more we started to envision the plan the Bears have for him.

In Robert Schmitz’s latest video breakdown on our 2nd City Gridiron YouTube channel, he goes deep into the type of player that Jones could be in Chicago.

After you watch Robert’s video about Jones, be sure to give that quick video at the top of this page a watch as it’s our official announcement about the re-brand that has us all fired up.

We’re merging 2nd City Gridiron, which is our video home for the WCG Podcast Channel, with Robert's Run Pass Opinion Channel. The re-brand will give fans the best of both channels and a little more. His RPO will officially change over to 2nd City Gridiron shortly, but all the classic RPO content will still be there; it’ll just be a show on 2nd City Gridiron now.

We’re also going to roll out some new RPO-like content as a team, plus we have some more video-exclusive content planned, and we’re working out the logistics to get all our podcast hosts to record on 2nd City Gridiron.

We’re excited to join a channel with over 10.5K subscriptions, which will allow us to reach more fans and do more cool stuff.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to the “old” 2nd City Gridiron, and we hope to have you all join us at our new home.