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Bears vs Browns Notes: Is Chicago’s offense coming together?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

A Saturday night preseason finale meant some changes to our usual WCG post-game coverage. I stepped in for a bachelor-partying Robert Schmitz and took his usual immediate podcast spot — you can check out my T Formation Conversation here — and Jacob Infante had some prior commitments that prevented him from knocking out his usual fantastic Notes article.

The Chicago Bears beat the Cleveland Browns last night in a fun game, and even though several key players were missing from both teams, it looks like Chicago’s offense is coming together.

In this abridged version of our Notes, I asked some of the WCG crew to shoot me their one most significant takeaway from the game, and here is what they sent me.

“Justin Fields is ready for 2022,” says Erik Duerrwaechter.

Jacob Infante is all-in on the QB1 too, writing, “it looks like he’s grown leaps and bounds from his rookie year.”

Josh Sunderbruch has some concerns about the guys that Fields is throwing to, writing, “I still have no idea what Chicago’s receiving corps looks like.”

Sam Householder has an optimistic outlook for the future, “This team might not be good, but they’re going to be prepared for every game and appear to be well-coached enough to be frisky. If Fields carries over what we saw Saturday, then 2023 and beyond could be very fun.”

Patti Curl has a take as only she can. “With an undefeated preseason, the Bears have officially taken the North. All that’s left is to never give it back.”

I also checked the Twitter feeds from our content creators to get some bonus Notes about the game, so read on for those!