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Updated: Chicago Bears 2022 Practice Squad

Here is the current 16-man practice squad for the Bears, plus the NFL’s 2022 practice squad rules.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears signed DeMarquis Gates, Terrell Lewis, and Jalyn Holmes to their active roster form the practice squad.

Much like their 53-man active roster, their 16-man practice squad will undergo several changes throughout the season, so we'll update this list accordingly.

2022 Chicago Bears Practice Squad

  1. Nsimba Webster, WR
  2. Daurice Fountain, WR
  3. Sammis Reyes, TE/DE
  4. Chase Allen, TE
  5. Jake Tonges, FB/TE
  6. Michael Niese, OL
  7. Kellen Diesch, OL
  8. Gerri Green, DL
  9. Trevon Coley, DT
  10. Greg Stroman Jr., CB
  11. Adrian Colbert, S
  12. Kuony Deng, LB
  13. Kameron Canaday, LS

DL Andre Anthony was placed on the practice squad injured list on October 1.

Practice Squad Rules

  • Each week teams can elevate two players to the gameday roster, and this can happen with a player three times before he needs to be signed to their active roster.
  • Practice squad players are free agents and able to sign with any other team's active roster, i.e., current clubs can not block a move to another 53-man roster. They can offer their practice squad player an active roster contract to stay.
  • If a player signs with another team's active roster he must stay there for at least three weeks.
  • A practice squadder can not leave one practice squad for another.
  • A practice squad player may not sign a contract with his team's next opponent after 3 p.m. (CT) six days prior to the game or 10 days prior in bye weeks.
  • Teams can promote an additional practice squadder 90 minutes before kickoff if the team is replacing a player with a positive COVID-19 test result.

Practice squad eligibility

  • Players with zero accrued seasons of NFL experience (rookies).
  • Any number of players who have not accrued at least nine games in an NFL season.
  • Up to four players who have accrued no more than two NFL seasons.
  • Up to six players with no limitations on experience (vested veterans).