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Teven Jenkins didn’t clarify too much about his future with the Bears

The Bears’ tackle spoke up with a few noteworthy comments after Saturday’s closed practice.

Credit: Zack Pearson/The Bear Report

Saturday saw the return of Teven Jenkins to Bears training camp practice at Halas Hall. Given the early controversy surrounding Jenkins' potential future in Chicago, this situation was obviously a massive deal for all parties involved.

Likely knowing that many wanted to hear from the 2021 second-round pick, the Bears gave Jenkins the microphone after his first official practice of the 2022 season. There were, unsurprisingly, a few noteworthy nuggets as Jenkins potentially works his way back into the Bears’ offensive line rotation.

On the reports that the Bears’ coaching staff and Jenkins don’t see eye-to-eye:

On whether Jenkins thinks the new Bears regime has given him enough of a chance to succeed:

Jenkins’ comments regarding potential trade rumors in the early preseason:

There wasn’t much clarity on the extent or exact nature of Jenkins’ injury from the man himself:

Finally, in a few nods to his future in Chicago —

  1. He’ll be in Lake Forest in September, apparently:

2. He plays for the Bears “right now.”

A strange situation for the Bears and Jenkins continues to evolve. The Bears will practice next on Sunday in an event that is open to fans.