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Stock up, stock down: Bears-49ers

The Bears started their season with an upset win and now let’s dive deeper into who impressed and who didn’t.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

This column is always more fun to write after a win, but it can be more difficult.

While finding the bright spot in a loss, and usually getting roasted for my picks in the comments, can be tough, wins are hard because you don’t want to look very hard for those who struggled.

It’s a good problem to have because it means the team played well for the most part.

Sunday was great because there weren’t a whole lot of people who believed the Bears could outright win. In many circles, I think it’s being hailed as one, if not the most, surprising upset of week one.

The offense was very down in the first half but came through when it was necessary with some big plays and even bigger scores. I’m leaving Justin Fields off the list entirely because I feel like the weather made it too hard to get a read on his play.

This week will be another huge test, against the Packers, but that’s for later. Let’s relive the glory one more time.

Stock up

Eddie Jackson, S - I have to highlight Bojax, who broke a two-year interception dry spell. The tackling may never be what coaches or fans want to see (and it was still on display Sunday), but his playmaking can cover those warts. He made such a vet play, reading the quarterback’s eyes, stepping like he’s following the TE and then breaking on the ball. It set up the Bears’ second score, which iced the game.

Khalil Herbert, RB - The Bears weren’t able to establish much of a running game Sunday. With the weather and 49ers loading up the box, that wasn’t a surprise. While Montgomery was fine, it was Herbert who managed to have the most success. He looked more comfortable and scored the icing touchdown.

Dominique Robinson, DE - It was a big day for several rookies, but I’m going with the fifth-rounder. 1.5 sacks, one TFL, two QB hits. What a showing in his first NFL game. Honorable mentions to fellow rookies Jaquan Brisker (4 tkls, 1 TFL, 1 FR) and Kyler Gordon (6 tkls, 1 TFL).

Stock down

David Montgomery, RB - I’m still high on him and I think he faced tough fronts on a very good defense, but he wasn’t great. Montgomery 1.5 yards per carry with a long of just six yards. I think this was more about the defense he faced and the game plan than the player.

Darnell Mooney, WR - We’ll see how this ages as all the film watchers go back and see, but just one catch and three targets for Mooney was shocking. It’s good that they were able to win without him making a big impact, but they’re going to need him to impact the game more often than not.

Cole Kmet, TE - Again, maybe the weather and game plan changed things, but it was surprising to see Kmet so absent from the passing game Sunday. He had just one target and no catches. AFter the preseason and all the talk of the rapport he seemed to be building with Fields, it was a surprise. It also won’t do anything to quiet his doubters.

Who did I miss? Who did you have up and who did you have down? Tweet me @SamHouseholder and tell me how I did.