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Urlacher: The Hall of Fame Makes No Sense to Me

Brian Urlacher joins the Bears Banter Podcast!

Check out the exclusive Brian Urlacher interview right here!

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The podcast features none other than Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher!

There are plenty of topics we discuss with Brian, including his thoughts on Roquan Smith and the pressure of being anointed the “next great Bears linebacker.” We also discuss Justin Fields and the new defensive scheme brought to Chicago by Matt Eberflus.

We also discussed the hall of fame and some of his teammates that are deserving but still haven’t had their name called. And Brian was quite opinionated on the whole process.

“I don’t understand how you say you can’t put two guys in at the same position in the same year, it makes no sense to me,” Urlacher explained. “If there’s two quarterbacks- say Tom Brady and Peyton [Manning] both retired the same year, you wouldn’t have put them both in? It makes zero sense to me, if you’re deserving to be in the Hall of Fame, then put them in the Hall of Fame.”

Urlacher continued, “The process to me, it worked out for me because I got in on the first try and I’m glad I did, but Terrell Owens goes in on the 3rd ballot? And the reason being is the media holds grudges, we all know that. They’re mad because of the way he treated some of them possibly, and the way they perceived him as a teammate, but you’re going in based on what you did on the field.”

We discussed Devin Hester’s current wait, and Urlacher expects Hester to get in, but we discussed some of his other teammates that he feels should be in the hall of fame, and Brian makes a great case for both Olin Kreutz and Peanut Tillman.

It’s a great conversation and Brian brings plenty of opinions. Brian joined us on behalf of PXG golf equipment, so make sure you check out their retail stores in both Northbrook and Oakbrook Terrace, and check out Brian’s golf outing with Rob Riggle here.

Check out the conversation below in the full podcast version, or check out the video above for the Urlacher segment!