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Packers running game tramples Bears dreams

The offense bears plenty of blame, but the story of tonight was the Bears failing to stop the bleeding from the Packers rush attack.

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A new Aaron has risen to the Bear-crushing occasion.

The Chicago Bears added to the cautious off-season hope we entered week one with, besting one of the better teams in the NFL and showing off best-in-class penguin sliding prowess. As a result, they set us up for the gut-wrenching, nail-biting, seat-edging experience of watching the Bears play the Packers in a game (some of us) think they could win. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Box Score

Bears continue the streak of teaching me about a new penalty every week

Kindle Vildor was called for unnecessary roughness for sliding low in front of a Packers blocker, technically counting as a low block even though there wasn't any contact. Cool new rule that helps protect offensive linemen from tripping over slippery little DBs.

Impressive catch-up speed on a break-up from Kyler Gordon

The young Bear prevented a touchdown and forced a 3rd and 15 and set up the Bears first sack of Aaron Rodgers. The Packers got three out of this drive, but it felt hard earned. I'm not worried about this defense stopping them yet.

Update: The Bears did their best to make me worry on the Packers second drive, including a blown coverage from Kyler on a play action bite, and a poorly defended touchdown run from Aaron Jones. I don't care. All flukes. Bears will stifle the pack for the rest of the game...

Update: Ok, whatever. Shut up.

David Montgomery follows his blocks!

The game is off to a good start for D-Mont, who seemed to have trust issues last week as he tried to bounce too many runs away from the blocking. He started the game with a 2-run first down streak, both times following his blockers as intended. It takes a minute to get comfortable with a new group, but I'm glad our star RB is buying in.

Sam Musta fergot where to snap the ball

The Bears third play ended as it started with a whoopsiedrop on the snap exchange. I choose to blame Sam because he's not projected to start for the Bears for the next 15 years and lead our Beloved franchise back to the top of the NFL where we belong.

Flea flicker to Equan Saint B revenge catch

Bwahahaha, The one thing I missed about Nagy was the fun little trick plays. I guess I don't have to miss that after all. Sorry Nags.

Bears take the lead! Bears take the lead!

Stop the count, baby. The Bears are ahead of the Packers in their home field on a Justin Fields diving keeper. I'm gonna say bwhwahahahaha too many times in this article; I can already feel it.

Update: I did not have another reason to say bwahahwahahaha for the rest of the game.

On second thought, Bears might be more comfortable playing from behind

It felt too good to be true for the Bears to lead early, and we all remember Khalil Mack's first game where the Bears got up big, then Aaron Rodgers came back in the second half to humiliate us with one leg. I suspect Rodgers suffered permanent damage to his personality by playing injured that day, but ultimately, he still got the win. The better strategy in this environment is to let the Pack get up by 3 and then lull them into a false sense of security with a Bears three and out. Well played, Matt “4D Chess” Eberflus.

Update: I said ONE three and out, Matt. ONE. Not 3 in a row.

Love hearing the announcers brag about the Packers pass coverage as the Bears keep sacking Aaron

They wrote down the notes to talk about it, so damnit, they're going to talk about it.

Remember that Bears not getting penalties thing in the pre-season and week one?

It was a cool run.

Fields might be a lil flustered

Justin was sacked from behind by Preston Smith early on, and I suspect that rattled him, as being tackled by someone you don't see coming often does. He was off target on a screen to Darnell Mooney shortly after and, on the next drive threw the ball from 2 yards beyond the LOS. Take some deep breaths, boo boo.

Trevis Gipson making sure we don't forget him after last week's Dominque Robinson hype

I have no problem with the Bears young pass rushers taking turns dominating. Gipson's second sack came despite being held by Jenkins the entire play.

The Bears are going to be better at tackling this season, right?

Because some scrub Packers receiver just took a screen for 20 yards on 2nd and 28 and ruined the benefit of Gipson's second sack. This is currently the most annoying play of the game. I reserve the right to update this in the future.

Don't fret. The 2022 Bears are really a second half team

I can't wait to see what adjustments Flus and co make to get the Bears flying towards a comeback come kickoff.

Either nobody's getting open, or Fields isn't seeing the field

The broadcast views haven't been helping clear things up, but I do know that I see Justin Fields dropping back, then I see him not throwing the ball, then probs getting sacked. I don't like seeing this.

Dominque Robin, Son

The Bears 5th round rookie robbed the Packers of the football in a crucial fumble recover that swung the momentum and sparked the Bears comeback victory ultimately meant nothing in the first of many meaningless losses in a futile season.

The passing game has got no rhythm

At this point, Getsy may have to decide he's never gonna pass again. If the ghost of George Michael sings such a careless whisper in his ear, at this point, I don't mind. Yes, that was a flawless and timely 1984 pop reference.

No more Doubs screen magic

The Packers tried another screen to Lil Romeo on third and 22, but the Bears didn't miss the tackle this time. It's a small victory, and I'm taking it.

Plenty of David Montgomery magic

This Bear was the one positive in an otherwise depressing Bears offensive effort. It looks like Eberflus finally listened to George Michael's advice in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately, the Bears spent about two and a half quarters without getting him much action. I know there aren't a lot of touches to go around when you go three and out every drive, but I suspect there were have been less three and outs with a little more Monty action.

He broke da plane! HE BROKE DA PLANE.

The plane could have been a 747 and the ball still would have broken it.

Cool pass to Sammy Watkins

I'm sure that was a nice moment for the career underachiever. Good for him.

This is probably a good time to remind you that your favorite team's performance is not a reflection of your self-worth. It's also a good time to remember that the Bears are a young team rebuilding for the future and saving most of their salary cap in the process. They aren't built to win this year. They're built to set a foundation to win in the future.

Having said that, it's vomitous watching the Packers win, and it's excruciating when it looks like everything they do comes easily, and everything the Bears do is impossible.