Predictions and concerns for the Texans game


Houston's DST - 6 sacks.

Darnell Mooney - 5 targets. 4 catches. Pick a number for yardage. No touchdowns.

Monty and ESB will both score.

I don't know who wins. But I don't think I'm taking the Bears and the points any more ...


Will Alan Williams' defense kill us again?

Will we pressure their QB? If we do itll have to come from the down linemen. There will be no Brisker diving through a gap to snaffle a play from behind the line of scrimmage ... though he could. There will be no Kyler Gordon dashing in from the edge to spoil the party .. .though he could. Roq's greatest gift - for me - were his blitzes thru the A-gaps. But you won't see it. Plain vanilla generic blah defensive football will be at play here. Alan Williams is Nigel Boring and I hate his idea of what defense is. The mayhem Quinny, Gipson, Roq and Brisker could cause if they were worked into blitzes. Time a few with stunts. It could be beautiful. The pieces are there. But it won't be. We could play chess like Kasparov ... but we'll play it like Nigel Short because that's who Alan Williams is. Now and forever more ... Alan Williams is Nigel Short. No, actually, I retract that. Short was an International GrandMaster.
Alan Williams is a ne'er do well. A fugazi. An impostor. I've seen enough. Like Andor ... it's not for me. He was been weighed, measured ... and found wanting. Goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen. Guten Nacht.

We must pressure Davis Mills.

That brings me to my main worry for the Texans game. It's not the offense ... we should run for over 200 yards. And if Getsy hasn't got some play-action roll-outs for Justin then I'll call for his head in week 3. Life is short. No, my main concern is the Bears allowing a JAG to have a career day. That's what we do best on defense. Davis Mills does not like pressure ... and cannot deal with it. He's a JAG. JAGs can't deal with pressure. He's also a professional football quarterback in the NFL. He can drop a leather ball in a man's basket if you let him stand back with all the time in the world.

We could well be watching Davis Mills sitting back there cool as a cucumber ... dicing us up with Brandin Cooks.

We'll see.

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