Justin Fields not the bears franchise QB.

Justin Fields is NOT the franchise QB all of us have been desperately waiting for. He simply cannot survey the field quick enough at the NFL level. The game at this level is so much faster and the defenses so much more complicated. One either has this ability, or does not. What i see in fields is that he does not. He takes unneccesary sacks. He misses open receivers, several times in the green bay game with E. Sr.Brown. He looked like a first day rookie against green bay. He is not a quick trigger passer either. When one watches rodgers, mahomes, brady, herbert, even Tua t. or even even carson wentz all are light years ahead of him in surveying the field and quick trigger decisions. You can't roll him out to pass every play. You have to be a very good pocket passer too to win in this league. The bears are going to have to draft another QB.

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