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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 3 - Bears Vs Texans

Coming off their first loss of the season, the Bears take on Lovie Smith for the second time since his departure from the Bears in 2012.

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Good morning. Hey, remember when the Bears were 1-0? Good times.

The Bears losing to the Packers is never a good feeling even in a year when not much is expected of the Bears in the big picture. Seasons like this, as we’ve seen too many of in the last decade, boil down to 7 days of nodding after bad losses saying “Yeah, that was about right, this team isn’t great” followed by another three hours of yelling at the TV that the Bears aren’t up by 50.

On a somewhat related note, the Bears face an old friend in Lovie Smith, who was fired by the Bears in 2012, and the team has picked up two playoff berths and won exactly zero playoff games since his departure.

The Texans bring Davis Mills, who has played solid yet unspectacular football at home but on the road has been a different story; a very good number one receiver in Brandin Cooks; a solid-enough rushing attack; and the good ol’ familiar Tampa 2 base scheme.

The Bears come in looking to right the ship after... whatever that was... and hopefully have their first successful offensive game of the season. The first was of course played in the rain, and the second was against a Green Bay defense that kept the Bears’ offense from establishing any sort of rhythm for the better part of three quarters. But this is as much a learning process for Luke Getsy as it is for Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears’ personnel, and the Packers game should have given them all enough material to file in the “What not to do” file.

For the Navy and Orange, that might mean continuing to ride David Montgomery and Kahlil Herbert, or that might mean getting Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet unlocked sooner rather than later.

The Bears are favored in this one. Make it stand up. Bear Down, my friends.

Today’s WCG Sunday Livestream has to recap another Bears loss to the Packers on Sunday Night at Lambeau Field and, quite frankly, it’s not even a series that needs to be on Sunday Night Football anymore. We’ll talk about that and a whole lot more on the Livestream leading into today’s noon kickoff.

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