A note on Ryan Poles


Ryan Poles. Bears' G.M.

I've been watching this man.

I spend far more time than can ever be justified examining the actions of a general manager of a football team - in a country I've never been to - but I do.

Ryan Poles is crushing it as G.M.

For example, case at hand. He's just picked up a future RT or LG ... a first round pick last year ... for just over a million and a half dollars per year ... over the next three years. Nice.

Who did he pick up? An athletic, talented player that was thrown to the wolves at guard (after only about three games in the NFL at tackle) to fill in for the third string guard when he got injured. The team's Head Coach and G.M get fired .. your tape looks crappy ...and you get cut. Bad move by the Raiders ... to cut him .. .not to draft him.

Unprecedented levels of talent were available due to COVID-19 this last draft. The volume of talent backed up due to a pandemic ... never seen before.

How many G.M.s took advantage of the most nutrient-rich draft in NFL history?

Ryan Poles did.

He parlayed his six picks into eleven .... and then hit almost each one out of the park. Zach Tomas is on the practice squad. He recognized the value in this draft was the volume of picks one had that was important, not the position in draft order.

I still need Siemian and Peterman explained to me though.

Why isn't Justin's backup not a carbon copy Tyler Huntley .. or even Josh Dobbs of the Browns?

His backups are completely different to him. And Poles chose them. Did he choose them so as there could be no competition? Why choose JAGs as backups? Don't you want someone who can ball when called upon? Who could possibly take you through the playoffs?

Pace missed his chance to get a Jameis Winston for cheap. It wouldn't break the bank for Poles to bring in Huntley or Minshew or Teddy B. Give the organization a chance to win if Justin gets injured. Why not? Why tie the well-being of a ten billion dollar organization to one player? Why not spend five million - at least - in order to shore up the quarterback room. Injuries happen all the time. Not to be prepared for one is insane.

But as long as he makes moves everywhere else like he's been doing ... then the future looks bright. The future looks burnt orange and navy blue.

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