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Urlacher: Bears need better play from QB position

Brian Urlacher likes some of the things Fields can do with his legs, but not so much with his arm

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

When hall of famers talk, football fans listen to what they have to say.

But what Brian Urlacher said recently about Justin Fields probably won’t be so popular among many Chicago Bears fans.

Urlacher was a guest of Michael Breed’s on his SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio show, “A New Breed of Golf,” and they spent most of the interview talking about Brian’s golf game, but they spent some time talking about the 2022 Chicago Bears as well.

Breed asked him about what the Bears should do with the number one pick and what they should do in free agency, but Urlacher didn’t have a specific answer other than saying with their first pick, they should take someone along the offensive or defensive line.

But when they conversation turned to Justin Fields, Urlacher had positive things to say about him running the football, but doesn’t seem to be too impressed with Fields throwing of the football.

“Justin had some moments, I’ll give him that,” Urlacher stated. “Running-wise there’s nobody better in the NFL, look at his yards, stuff like that. I just worry because this year he threw for 200 yards in two games. You can blame the offensive line, you can blame the receivers, blame the running backs, blame the coaches but 200 yards in two games is not great for a quarterback. I know he had the rushing yards but you got to put the ball in the air in the NFL if you’re going to win, and I believe he can do that and they’ll get some players around him but there needs to be a lot of improvement at that position.”

You can check out he audio of what he said below.

Urlacher further discussed the Bears draft picks and his lack of confidence that they’d draft the right guy and also certainly seemed to question trading Roquan Smith during the season. If you listen to the audio above, you can tell that he’s sitting squarely on the fence with Fields and the Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus regime.

Sound off in the comments below, Bears fans. What do you think of what Brian Urlacher had to say about Justin Fields and the Bears?