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Justin Fields makes the ESPN Top 100 NFL Most Valuable Players List

If Justin Fields did this in that offense, just imagine what he can do when the talent receives a makeover.

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Justin Fields just gave Chicago Bears fans as enjoyable a (3-14) season as possible with his electrifying play despite playing in an offense with... I’ll just say, less than talent around him. I like the potential of some of the young offensive Bears, but collectively that was a putrid unit except for Fields. We saw how productive the Bears’ offense was when Fields missed weeks 12 and 18 and they only scored 23 total points. Chicago quarterbacks accounted for just 339 total yards in those two games, so can you imagine what the 2022 season would have been without the QB1?

ESPN’s Seth Walder put a spin on a top 100 player list by ranking his top 100 Most Valuable Players for the 2022 season, and Fields made the list at number 77.

Walder has an analytics background, so he used that to weigh his selections, but he also got the “opinions of colleagues and people that work in the league.”

The most interesting part of his criteria was when he added;

How did I decide to reconcile valuing different positions? I focused on how much value a player created relative to an average starter at their position. This means quarterbacks will dominate the top of the list because the difference between the best quarterback and an average quarterback is much larger than the difference between the best guard and an average guard. But it also means there can be no more than 16 quarterbacks, because any player outside the top half is a relative negative, since a team can only start one QB at a time.

The bold was mine, and Fields’ 77th overall ranking meant he was Walder’s 14th-ranked quarterback.

If the analytics and the opinions from Walder’s colleagues and league contacts have Fields as top-half QB now, just imagine what the 2023 season can be once there are a few other above-average players on offense with him.