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Chicago’s Luke Getsy to Coach Senior Bowl

The Bears’ offensive coordinator will get a closer look at some of the best prospects in the country when he coaches the American Team in the college showcase.

SPORTS-FBN-BIGGS-COLUMN-TB Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Senior Bowl is one of many opportunities for NFL offices to evaluate talent that will be available in the upcoming draft. If you want to know more about the ins and outs of the process, Greg Gabriel offers some fantastic insights right here. However, it’s seldom a bad idea for your top coaches to have more personal contact with players and to have a chance to look at them and to gauge their skills and personalities up close.

The combine workouts get a lot of attention from casual fans, but those sorts of drills and performances are only a very small part of evaluating a prospect, and there’s a notable difference between fast on a track and quick on the field of play. There’s also nothing like seeing how a player reacts to adversity and success to measure his drive.

Therefore, with the many gaping holes Chicago has on its roster, it’s welcome news that offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will be able to coach the Senior Bowl against the Las Vegas Raiders’ defensive coordinator Patrick Graham.

Joining Getsy from the Bears staff will be linebackers coach Dave Borgonzi, assistant special teams coach Carlos Polk, and assistant tight ends coach Tim Zetts.

For coverage from past senior bowls, look at Jacob’s write-up from last year, where he highlighted Christian Watson among others.