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Kevin Warren is the right man for the job

Kevin Warren impressed in his introductory press conference

NFL: Chicago Bears Press Conference-President & CEO Kevin Warren Introduction Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Bears fans, your day is here.

How many of you have begged over the years to have Ted Phillips out of the way at Halas Hall? That day has arrived. Kevin Warren is now the man in charge for the Chicago Bears. He’s the man that George McCaskey will let direct the future of the franchise.

I, for one, am excited.

Look, none of us know if Warren will do a good job as team president. Perhaps he fails, but that certainly looks like a longshot to me. I knew his press conference would be filled with some front office clichés, and there were some, but I did not expect to come away as impressed as I was with Warren.

Look, I think it’s probably fair to say that Ted Phillips was blamed for more things that went wrong than he should have been. But the bottom line is that he’s been the franchise’s President and during his tenure, the results, overall, were less than stellar.

When Phillips (and McCaskey) speak to the media, they rarely feel like they take command of the room. They look uncomfortable. They don’t sound confident. When your franchise isn’t strong up top, it trickles down everywhere else.

Because Ted wasn’t the strongest president, it put more onus on George to carry the torch. I don’t think that’s going to be the case anymore. The McCaskeys may own this franchise, but Warren is running this team now. You just felt it.

When Kevin Warren stepped up to the podium, things changed. Warren felt in control. Warren felt confident. Warren felt like a leader. First impressions don’t mean everything, but after this one, color me impressed.

My issue with George and Ted over the years is that, while they didn’t need to be involved in football ops, the man in charge of football ops reported to them. George and Ted have openly admitted they are football fans but don’t know enough about football to evaluate what’s happening on the football side of things. How on Earth can they evaluate the job of the general manager when they don’t know what his job entails and how well he’s doing it?

That’ll change with Warren. If Bears fans want Warren in the war room on draft night and chatting with Poles about interior offensive linemen at two in the morning, that’s not going to be Warren either, but you can bet your bottom dollar that he will hold every single person in football ops accountable.

I know most Bears fans support the move to Arlington, but there are plenty of fans that don’t want to see the team leave Chicago, however after hearing Warren speak, I think all Bears fans should be excited about this.

Will this be the end of Bear weather? Absolutely, and that may be sad for some, but let’s be honest, that hasn’t been much of a home field advantage the last several years, and if you ask any player about the Soldier Field turf, they’ll all be thrilled to get away from that mess of a field.

I can’t wait to see what Warren develops for Arlington. I can guarantee you this is going to be one of the premier stadiums in the league. This won’t be the misstep that the Soldier Field renovations were. I’m confident this stadium is going to be state-of-the-art and impressive at every corner.

Ted Phillips is no longer in charge, Kevin Warren is, and this Bears fan can’t wait for this new era of Chicago Bears football.