Trading back aside, who should be the Bears pick at number one?

The consensus among Bears fans is that they should trade the number one overall pick. A lot would say that’s a likely scenario, but are we doing all these mock trades for Ryan Poles to just make the pick at number one? If that's the case there are two clear-cut options for the Bears: Alabama Linebacker Will Anderson Jr. and Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter. Let’s take a look at both players.

Will Anderson Jr. was dominant during his time at Alabama. In 2021 he put up 17.5 sacks and 101 tackles for the Crimson Tide. In 2022 he put up another double-digit sack season with 10 of them, along with 51 tackles.

He’s great at stopping the run, quick off the edge, and getting into the backfield in an instant. His pass-rushing speaks for itself. Again he’s going to beat you with his quickness. The guy knows how to get to the quarterback.

Anderson Jr. has a chance to be an absolute stud in the NFL. Without a doubt the best pass rusher in the Draft.

Jalen Carter is a freak at 6’3" and 300 pounds. Don’t let that fool you. For his weight, he has great speed.

Phenomenal run-stopper. He’s going to win with power. If he doesn’t make the tackle, he creates opportunities for his teammates by getting into the backfield.

That power also translates to rushing the passer. He creates havoc, forces bad throws from the quarterback, and forces him to scramble.

His stats don’t necessarily pop. He put up 32 tackles and 3 sacks. But his traits are just too good to ignore. Carter without a doubt has a chance to be a top-tier defensive lineman in the NFL.

Free agency could come to play in this decision. There are not many above-average edge rushers on the market. Not so much the case at defensive tackle. A lot of talent is expected to be available come March.

Due to those circumstances, I think Will Anderson Jr. should be the pick. Nowadays you need a dominant rusher off the edge to be a contending team in the NFl. Anderson Jr. can be that guy for years to come.

If Jalen Carter is the pick, I don’t think people would be upset. Both are very similar in terms of potential.

The Bears will have a tough decision to make. They very well could trade the pick. If they make the selection, I think Will Anderson Jr. should be the guy.

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