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The Eberflus Era May Set a Record

Chicago Bears fans have never seen a coaching regime quite like this

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

When you bring up the name Abe Gibron, you know you’re in trouble. The last time a Chicago Bears head coach needed to worry about replacing Gibron as the worst in team history, John Fox rattled off a few wins before he parted Chicago, thus keeping big Abe’s legacy in tact.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gibron, his .274 win percentage, accumulated from the 1972-1974 seasons has endured as the worst coaching record in team history for almost half a century. Gibron was hired after Jim Dooley’s four-year run as head ball coach from 1968-1971 had set the record for worst winning percentage at .357. As they say, it can always get worse.

Matt Eberflus currently owns a win percentage of .174 (4-19). While most coaches in team history have gotten a third season, speculation is that the Bears are potentially looking for a full reset after an incredibly disappointing start to the year. Can Eberflus save himself from the cellar or will Abe Gibon finally move into second worst win percentage in team history?

Assuming that Eberflus finishes out the season and does not return in 2024 as the head coach, that would give Eberflus 11 more opportunities to improve his record. The Bears would need to win 6 of those final 11 for his win percentage to rise above the low water mark of Gibron’s franchise worst.

That would give the Bears a final record of 7-10. Would that be enough to save his job? I’m not sure, but we’ve seen this franchise make strange decisions before. I think it’s at least a number that many would consider worth talking about.

How many wins do you think Eberflus needs to accumulate to save his job or do you believe it’s already over?