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Justin Fields Nominated for FedEx Air Player of the Week

Justin Fields had an exceptional weekend passing, no matter how the game itself turned out.

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Less than a year ago, Justin Fields won the FedEx Ground Player of the Week after one of his many record-breaking runs (pun intended) as a rushing quarterback. However, even at the time fans wanted him to do more with his passing game.

In a heartbreaking loss against the Denver Broncos, the starting quarterback for Chicago at least did his part. His 80% completion rate on 35 attempts with four touchdowns (and a 132 passer rating) made a serious dent against the criticisms the embattled passer out of Ohio State has faced over the last three years.

Fields is up against a sublime performance from Josh Allen (wherein the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback posted a perfect passer rating alongside four touchdowns of his own) and the more than 300 yards tallied by Jalen Hurts for the Philadelphia Eagles.

This has been a rough season for the Chicago Bears in general and for Justin Fields specifically, and the loss on Sunday was especially brutal given the hope that Fields might lead a turnaround. Some might even point out that Fields did lead a turnaround, and all that was missing was a call for a field goal by the head coach or an offensive coordinator who allowed one of the most dynamic running quarterbacks in the league to convert a short yardage situation. However, those questions shouldn’t detract from what Fields did manage to do...

If fans want to vote for his performance, they can do so here. Even if fans don’t want to vote, they can at least acknowledge that it’s a rare player who gets nominated for spectacular performances both passing and rushing.