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Almost half of Bears fans believe a house cleaning is coming in 2024

The latest Chicago Bears SB Nation Reacts survey results are as bleak as you think.

NFL: Chicago Bears Press Conference-President & CEO Kevin Warren Introduction Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that, any good vibes our fans had were gone.

This wasn’t supposed to be a ‘compete for a Super Bowl’ season, but it sure as heck wasn’t supposed to be worse than the ‘strip it to the studs’ rebuild we saw in 2022. The franchise has regressed from top to bottom. Every step forward the Bears take is followed by a couple of steps back.

The Chicago Bears are (1-5) with losses to a bad Packers team, a bad Broncos team, and a bad Vikings team, which makes them a horrible football team.

I really thought offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and quarterback Justin Fields had turned a corner and found some common ground, but then we saw much of the same early-season incompetence we saw on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

I’ve seen a lot of bad Bears football in my day, but this season has left me scratching my head on countless occasions. Ridiculous blocking schemes, no rhythm to the play calls, and bad quarterback play are some of the reasons our confidence in the direction of the franchise is down to 15%.

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I can only assume that some of the 15% still seeing this team through Navy and Orange colored glasses are also looking all the way to 2024 and a possible house cleaning.

Team President Kevin Warren has been on the job less than a year, but he’s had a front-row seat to the dysfunction of the regime he inherited.

Head coach Matt Eberflus has the worst record in team history, and his team has regressed. Eberflus is also the defensive playcaller because the previous coordinator stepped away under mysterious circumstances. His offensive coordinator calls plays with a Nagyesque stubbornness, and he’s unable to scheme his playmakers into opportunities to make plays.

General manager Ryan Poles assembled this team and hired the head coach, and whether that was an arranged pairing or not may be a moot point if Warren wants to create his own legacy.

Poles has had some hits for sure, but he also got hosed with the Chase Claypool trade. His big-ticket free agents haven’t led to team success. And most damning is the former offensive lineman has question marks all over the trenches on both sides of the ball.

We saw Justin Fields rise above the rebuild of 2022 to keep his team in games, but he’s unable to elevate the team this season. And it’s not all Getsy’s inept offensive game plans because Fields has been inconsistent and indecisive, he’s missed open receivers, and he’s holding the ball too long.

I still believe there’s a quality quarterback inside of Fields, but I don’t see a path for his success in Chicago. Too many factors point to a clean slate for the franchise, and I feel Fields will be elsewhere in 2024.

You can count me among the 48% of our fans who believe Fields, Eberflus, and Poles will be out after this year.

If Keven Warren truly does have “complete authority” to run the team, as Chairman George McCaskey says, then he’s going to line everything up in 2024. He’ll bring in his own general manager, who will then hire the head coach, and then they’ll draft a new quarterback.

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