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Herron: Run game propelled Bagent

Anthony Herron, NFL/NCAA football analyst from The Big 10 Network, 670 The Score, and FOX Sports, joins Bears Banter!

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

Tyson Bagent’s debut for the Chicago Bears couldn’t have gone better as he propelled the team to their second win of the season, an impressive defeat of the Las Vegas Raiders 30 to 12.

We talk about Bagent’s performance in the latest Bears Banter with NFL/college football analyst Anthony Herron. Ant had plenty of interesting things to say on several different topics from the play of the offensive line, the improved play of the defense and we look at some of the major prospects from the Big 10 as well (Marvin Harrison, Olu Fashanu, JJ McCarthy), but possibly his most interesting comments were on Tyson Bagent’s performance and why he was able to play so well in his debut.

“The Bears were able to stay ahead of the chains more frequently than not on offense because of a great run game,” Herron explained, “and when the defense holds the opponent down, then you can operate within the confines and constraints the offense put on itself and it can work really well.” Herron continued, “This type of offense for short stretches can look different and rhythmic, in the end, it isn’t sustainable for high level success as a starter, but, if nothing else, that’s something to aspire to for Tyson Bagent, coming from where you came from, if you can be a guy 15 years in the league like Brian Hoyer. Not every quarterback is created the same.”

Can it work for Bagent? Herron thinks it’s possible, but he’s going to need a little help from his friends. “So for him, being decisive, accurate, and in that short to intermediate area, there’s a version of that that can work in the NFL, the ceiling isn’t as high as some of the guys with the more physical attributes who are going to be able to gun it down the field, and who may hold the ball looking for the big play because they know they can extend it and all those types of things. But in the end, can you have success with this? Everything around you really has to go well, but we saw that the other day and the Bears pulled it off.”

It’s some really great analysis, so make sure you check out a really great interview.

To watch the interview, you can see that here:

And to check out the full podcast, just follow the link below: