The Bumbling Bears Hollywood Adventure

Bears – 13

Chargers – 30

The Bears go to Hollywood with a game plan that was oddly similar to the old electric football boards that vibrated, the one where your pieces randomly bounced around aimlessly. Velus Jones tripped over his own feet in the endzone and dropped a pass that hit him in the hands, all on the same play. Wide receivers were running the same routes and getting into each other’s way…this happens so often I believe the WRs are running what is called and the offensive coordinator is the one that doesn’t know the play book. D'Onta Foreman has been a beast since he has been called upon, so you call on him when you need short yardage right? Nope, that’s just crazy talk. The Bears did not look like they belonged on the same field as the Chargers and it seemed like they knew it.

I don’t think the Bears defense stopped the Charger’s offense until the 3rd quarter. Justin Herbert picked the Bears apart. There was no pass rush, Herbert could pass the ball at will, the guy had time to make himself a sandwich back there. Their efforts might not win many football games but could give The Three Stooges a run for their money on the comedic value side of things. I can already hear Matt Eberflus at the press conference talking about how he saw some good things, but they need to get better at football fundamentals. The issue is that these fundamentals were taught to these players back in Pop Warner, they never would have made it this far if they didn’t know these fundamentals. Under Eberflus, this coaching staff somehow coached those fundamentals out of them.

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