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Animal House Shelter: Week 5’s Touchdown For Tails Chicago-Land Rescue Of The Week

Each week, we’ll feature a new Chicagoland animal rescue partner with whom we’ll team up. Whatever the amount, all donations (both time and money) are welcome. This week’s featured shelter is Animal House Shelter which has been serving the Chicago community since 2002.

Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins Charlie Ortega Guifarro/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

It was another week and, unfortunately, another loss for our beloved Chicago Bears in Week 4. Despite holding a 21-point lead late into the third quarter, the nightmare start to the 2023 regular season continues. The good news? Even with a nightmare start, it has produced plenty of good within the animal rescue community. All of that is thanks to the great continued donations from all of you guys supporting the cause. Even with a short week, we’ll press onto our next featured animal shelter. Week 5’s featured organization is Animal House Shelter, which has been saving animals since 2002!

Each week, we will be featuring a new rescue. Within that week, you’ll have a few options to “bet” on. Now, when I say bet, what I really mean is how much you’re willing to donate to the featured animal rescue organization of the week. Here’s how it’ll work.

  1. A Chicago Bears win = $25 donation
  2. Three-to-five Prop Bets: Hitting on the prop = $10 donation. Missing on the prop= $5

Ultimately, what I would like to do is make the Bears winning on the field as rewarding to our featured rescues as possible! Those of you who donate nine (or more) times throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at the end of the season to win a Chicago Bears Nike “Game” Jersey. The player and sizing will be of your choice. For each Chicago Bears win, I will personally donate $25. I will also choose one prop bet (brought to you by Draft Kings) that I will also “bet” on.

The ultimate goal of this is to get Bears fans more involved with the community around them. Football season is already the best time of year, so why not make it a little better by helping become a solution to a growing problem around the country? Every single dollar donated on a weekly basis will go directly to that featured rescue.

Week 5 “Things to bet on” (Brought to you by DraftKings)

Game: Chicago Bears (+6.5) over Washington Commanders (-6.5) ($25 donation if the Bears win)

Non-Bettors “Bets”:

  1. Three or more Bears total team sacks ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)
  2. Two or more Caleb Williams references on Thursday night’s telecast ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)

Prop Bets:

  1. Result of the Bears’ First Offensive Drive: Punt (-145), Touchdown (+380), Field Goal (+400), or Turnover/Turnover on downs/Safety (+500)
  2. QB Justin Fields passing yards: Over 197.5 (-115)/Under 197.5 (-115)
  3. Bears’ Total Team Points: Over 18.5 (-108)/Under 18.5 (-112)

Touchdown For Tails Week 5 Rescue of the Week: Animal House Shelter

Address: 13005 Ernesti Rd, Huntley, IL 60142



Where To Donate:

Where to Adopt:

Animal House Shelter has been serving the Chicago area for over 20 years. They originally started in 2002 and since that point, have saved over 63,000 animals! They are one of the true “no-kill shelters” left in the country and have made such a great impact in the third largest metro in the United States. AHS was recently featured in an article from City Lifestyles about how a singular stray dog changed the lives of the thousands of animals they would go on to save. Sometimes, inspiration can come in the most unlikely of scenarios.

Their About Me is a perfect description of the services they provide and the goals they strive to meet.

“Founded in June 2002, we rescue and care for homeless animals. Most of the dogs and cats that we take in are from high-kill facilities that are euthanizing due to lack of space. Many have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Once rehabilitated and ready, they are carefully matched with prospective adopters and placed in loving homes. We do take in some owner relinquishments as well and there are a variety of reasons people give up their dog or cat to us. The most common reasons are lack of time due to a change in work schedule, moving, allergies, a new baby, etc.

Like people, animals have distinct personalities that make them unique. At Animal House we are proud to say that these animals are treated like our own. We care enough to be certain they go to the right loving, forever home. Our most recently adopted animals can be seen here.”

As always, Animal House Shelters can be supported in many different ways. Whether that’s through donations, volunteering, fostering, etc. If you feel inclined to help, please reach out to them directly and get involved!

Featured Pets of The Week

BOGGLE (2-Year-Old Male)

Breed: Beagle

Age: 2 years

Weight: 36 pounds

Gender: Male

Temperament: I’m a happy go lucky boy, that loves to take car rides.

Good With Cats?: Yes

Good With Dogs?: Yes

Adoption Donation: $450

PEANUT (1-Year-Old Male)

Breed: Tabby / Domestic Short Hair

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Good With Cats?: Yes

Adoption Donation: $175

GARRET (2-Year-Old Male)

Breed: Husky

Age: 2 years

Weight: 48 pounds

Gender: Male

Good With Dogs?: Yes

Adoption Donation: $450

MAYLEE (16-Week-Old Female)

Breed: Calico / Domestic Short Hair

Age: 16 weeks

Gender: Female

Good With Cats?: Yes

Good With Kids?: Yes

Adoption Donation: $250

More Resources For How To Get Involved

As a country, we have a homeless animal crisis on our hands that only seems to be getting worse by the day. Stray animals are found every day. With the volatility of the job market, more families are losing their homes and can no longer care for their pets. The list of reasons contributing to this issue runs long. That’s where we can all come in. Whether you want to volunteer, foster, or simply donate, it all makes a difference. For our family, getting involved with animal rescue has been a rewarding experience. While we might not always have the time to foster or volunteer our time, there are many ways to make an impact. Below are three links to check out if this is something you or your family might be interested in doing.

  1. Benefits of adopting a shelter dog
  2. Why volunteering at shelters or rescues makes a difference
  3. 10 reasons to foster a pet