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Stock up, stock down: Bears drop their 14th straight game

This team makes it very, very hard to find anyone for the “up” category.

Denver Broncos vs Chicago Bears Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

For the 14th straight regular season game week, the Chicago Bears are losers again.

Despite their best efforts, they lost another heartbreaker to the Denver Broncos.

Not all of the 14 losses have been heartbreakers. In fact, none of their first three losses this season would qualify as heartbreakers. That’s not hard to do when you’re not even competitive in the game.

But the Bears held a lead Sunday. A big lead. 28-7 at one point.

It felt like it was swinging back though. When the Broncos scored to make it 28-14, I tweeted:

This team is just wearing me out. It’s hard for me to ever feel optimistic.

Let’s try to find something anyway.

Stock up

Justin Fields, QB - For three quarters, this was what we wanted to see. His first 300-yard passing game, career-high touchdowns. Franchise record for consecutive completions. Yes, the fourth quarter was bad. Yes, it was another chance to lead a game-winning drive that ended in an interception. But this should’ve been a statement win for Fields.

Khalil Herbert, RB - Sure, the Broncos defense is not good. But 122 total yards is nothing to thumb your nose at. Herbert was able to get yards and move the chains, even when the Bears needed it most. Unfortunately, the playcall didn’t help him when the team needed it most, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Cole Kmet, TE - Kmet had a quiet start to the season. He had 11 catches for 104 yards in the first three games. On Sunday, he had 7 for 94 and two touchdowns. Kmet has to have a bigger role in the passing game if this offense is going to function effectively.

Stock down

Darnell Wright, RT - Rookies have growing pains. Overall, Wright has been solid this season, but Sunday was a growing pains game. Wright owned up to missing a block on the ill-fated fourth-down attempt. He had a couple of penalties. The future is still bright, but this is a game the rookie is going to want to learn from.

Larry Borom, LT - In general, I think that fans knew what to expect when Borom was pressed into service for Braxton Jones. Borom struggled Sunday, getting beat on more than one occasion.

Matt Eberflus, coach - What more is there to say? I actually liked going for it on fourth down when you knew the defense that you’re in charge of couldn’t stop a fly, let alone the Broncos. But allowing such a poor play call. And then the baffling Chase Claypool comments after the game. It’s just a failure all around and on so many levels. It’s embarrassing.

Who was on your up and down lists this week? Who didn’t I mention?